6 BYO-Wine Activities To Add To Your Summer Bucket List

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Every year, you wait all winter looking forward to the warmer months, imagining all the fun you'll have once you come out of hibernation. Then, when summer finally rolls around, it feels like it's over in an instant, leaving you with a few dozen Instagram photos, never-worn summer outfits, tubes of unused sunscreen, and unchecked goals on your summer to-do list.

But here at Bustle, we're determined to reverse that trend by making the most of this summer, and our strategy for accomplishing that is combining warm weather, fun, and wine (as long as you're over 21 and you sip responsibly!). We genuinely love those three things, especially the wine — really, we have an actual Bustle Wine Club that meets throughout the year. Usually, we end up meeting in a spare conference room at our office, which is enjoyable but not as exciting or memorable as it could be.

This summer, though, Barefoot Spritzer Cans are helping the Bustle Wine Club (BWC) get outside. Part of what kept BWC indoors all this time is that wine can be hard to transport, with those big bottles and glasses that can get clunky, even dangerous, when you're trying to take them outdoors.

Barefoot Spritzer Cans are the perfect solution to that problem — not only is it delicious wine, in four summery flavors, Rosé, Crisp White, Summer Red, and Moscato — but it also comes in perfectly sized cans that are designed to feel just right in your hand. So come along with us for a few simple but memorable outdoor summer activities that you can definitely do in your own town and bring your own wine to. #YeahYouCan finish out this summer with no regrets!

Enjoy An Epic Al Fresco Lunch

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Nothing makes you feel like you're in a movie like eating al fresco (i.e., outside) with the sun shining on you and an ice-cold drink. Bustle Wine Club co-chair Arielle and I got off work super-early on a Summer Friday and went to a lovely restaurant that allows you to BYO (bring-your-own) drinks. Arielle and I both brought a can each in our own bags — Crisp White for me, Summer Red for Arielle — and asked the waitress for a couple of glasses and a ton of ice to pour them in. It couldn't have been easier.

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We ordered a massive pizza that stretched on for days with two different types of toppings, which went great with the fruity notes in the Barefoot Spritzer Cans. We took our time to savor the freedom of that Summer Friday — and yes, we ate the whole thing.

Note that some BYO restaurants charge an "uncorking" — or, in this case, a "popping" fee — but even with a fee, you'll still probably save a lot of money and get to enjoy a wine you already know you love.

Lounge In A Pool All Day

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And preferably, in a unicorn-slash-swan hybrid floatie at a private country club. Bustle Wine Club member Erin enjoyed a much-needed relaxation moment with her bestie in a massive pool, and as you can see, she did it like a rockstar, with some Summer Red for herself and Rosé for her BFF. Don't they look famous?

Take A Scenic Hike

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In our city, it's hard to find a secluded bit of nature, so I jumped at the chance to go on a hike with some friends just outside of the city one weekend. After a few hours walking the trails, and making sure we stayed hydrated with plenty of water, we arrived at a beautiful, quiet stream. It was the perfect place to sit down, pop open a Barefoot Spritzer Can, and relax a bit before heading back to the car.

Get On A Boat. Any Boat.

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There's no clearer sign that you're doing summer right than when you find yourself on a boat. Boats are just cool, no question. Luckily, you don't need a rich friend to get onto one. BWC members Elly and Allison had the bright idea to take a commuter ferry in our city that's free to ride and lets you bring on your own libations. Elly brought her Barefoot Spritzer Moscato and Allison her Rosé to enjoy a 50-minute round trip and take selfies in front of gorgeous views of landmarks.

Party On A Rooftop With A View

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Friends-of-BWC Sarah Caroline and Sarah toasted to their lives in New York City at a friend's rooftop party. At least one rooftop party with a sunset view is a must for any summer to remember!

Celebrate Your Family and Country!

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I was lucky enough to celebrate July 4th with family in Thousand Oaks, California. My family's heritage is Korean, but we love America and we consider it our home. So when we celebrate Independence Day, we combine Korean and American cultures. My uncle grills BBQ ribs in his beautiful backyard, but of course it's galbi, Korean-style beef ribs, which are sweet, savory, and delicious.

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My whole family refers to my mom, left, and my aunt Yang Mee, right, as "The Moms," and The Moms love their wine. I shared some Barefoot Spritzer Cans with them — they had never had wine from a can, though, but they fell in love with it immediately. It's perfect for my aunt's back patio, where there's no glass allowed. We had an incredible meal of galbi, kimchi jjigae, and salad while we waited for the sun to set and the fireworks to start. The wine spritzers balanced perfectly with all the spicy flavors of Korean food, and my uncle, who doesn't drink alcohol, had some barley tea in a plastic cup. It was the perfect way to celebrate the U.S.!

So get out there this summer and do all the things you've been wanting to do in your own way! And definitely feel free to share photos of you and your friends enjoying your summer with Barefoot Spritzer Cans on social media with the hashtag #YeahYouCan!

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