6 Crystals That Will Help You Feel Balanced This Cancer Season

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The Sun is about to shift from Gemini to Cancer on Jun. 21, and the astrological energy of the Crab might have us all feeling a lot more emotional. In order to keep ourselves grounded, and not swept away in the current, there are a few crystals for Cancer Season 2019 to center ourselves with.

The crab of the zodiac is a water sign known for their ability to be affectionate, sensitive, nurturing and emotional. Cancer's tend to make home their haven and are known to retreat into it when sensitivity is sharp. But you don't have to be a Cancer to feel the affects of Cancer Season. From Jun. 21 through Jul. 22 this crab energy will be flowing to all zodiac signs. "Under the influence of a Cancer planetary transit, we feel sentimental and nostalgic. These are times for nurturing ourselves and our loved ones," the Astro Twins of AstroStyle wrote.

Being open with how you feel and treating yourself to a weekly dose of self-care are all positive ways to embark on the season ahead. Just beware of becoming overly sensitive or recluse. It's all about exploring the balance of care and independence this season. Finding the right crystals to meditate with can help maintain this flowing energy that comes in with the crab.

Agatized Coral


Agatized Coral is connected to the ocean, where the crab energy is at home. Its healing properties revolve around settling the emotions, making this an essential crystal for the season. According to, it inspires creativity and imagination.


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Calcite is a cleansing healing crystal referred to as the "multi-vitamin for the soul" by Energy Muse. If you're emotionally clogged, carrying Calcite around may assist in clearing. Think of it as a spiritual decongestant for feelings. It's a crystal that will help maintain optimism. For an emotional Cancer Season, Calcite is a must.


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Cancer season boosts intuition and Opal enhances that. This crystal, which is so colorful it looks like the soul of a unicorn, is perfect for the season of the crab. If self-doubt creeps in, holding onto Opal will help alleviate fear and getting back in touch with your truest self.



"Call on the Moonstone crystal meaning to unlock the inner goddess that exists deep within your spirit and channel the brilliant white illumination of moonbeams shining light on your pathway to balance and harmony," Energy Muse wrote. This soft, pale crystal channels the moon, a rock that tugs at our emotions. The power of the moon its connection to the ocean is significant in Cancer season. The crab is a water sign after all. Having Moonstone around will soothe emotions and energy when feelings are overwhelming.

Rose Quartz


Because of Cancer's seasonal dose of feelings and emotion, meditating with Rose Quartz over your heart chakra might be a nice nightly practice. It's a healing crystal that inspires a loving and compassionate energy. Cancer is a sign that can feel compassion deeply and inspiring the cultivation of it within all zodiac signs makes the world a warmer place.

Blue Apatite


Cancer season is inspiring. It's a time to care for yourself, check in with your spirit and make emotional tune ups. It's a time to care for others, extend a helping hand. Blue Apatite is a crystal that lends clarity. Meditate with the crystal to clear your mind and find your path.