6 Crystals To Help You Get The Most Out Of This Month’s Super Blood Moon


The first full moon of 2019 is truly special: it's a rare super blood moon, and it's going to bring some seriously powerful energy along with it. The full moon, which rises on Jan. 21, is a total lunar eclipse and a super moon, which is a sight you definitely won't want to miss out on. Not only will this intense full moon look beautiful on a clear night (and it's visible from the Northern, Central, and Southern hemispheres), but it's also the ideal time to practice a full moon ritual to help cleanse your mind and get you ready for something new. There are a few crystals for the January full moon you'll want to have on hand for some of these rituals.

A blood moon is another name for a total lunar eclipse (since the moon appears red due to the sun being shadowed against it during the eclipse), and it's a powerful time, astrologically-speaking. An eclipse is a good time to break old habits, move on from anything that has been holding you down, set intentions to do something different and new, and manifest your destiny. A super blood moon is even more intense, so it's something you absolutely want to take advantage of. A ritual can help you manifest your dreams and clear your mind.

Using crystals in your ritual is a way to intensify the process and give you energy, and each crystal will give off a slightly different vibe. For this full moon, you'll want to focus on crystals that assist you in starting new and letting go of the past. Below are a few great options:



Moonstone is, obviously, a perfect crystal for the full moon. It enhances the energy of the moon and is especially helpful in clearing the intense energy that comes with a full moon. Moonstone can help give you a sense of balance during a very emotional time. It will also make you feel more intuitive, and encourages synchronicity. Since the super blood moon is already going to heighten your intuition, this crystal can only help that along.



Amethyst has healing and protective qualities that make it ideal for connecting to your higher self. During a full moon, it's easy to feel pulled down by the weight of the intense emotions surrounding you. Amethyst will help you deal with these negative emotions in a more constructive way. It will make you feel more positive, which is the kind of energy you want.



Morganite is known for bringing about feelings fo joy and peace, which you want during the full moon — again, it's an emotional time, and can often make things difficult. Using something like morganite can help you relax and feel more calm, and it's especially great for anyone who tends to feel more anxious. According to Crystal Vaults, "it cleanses the emotional body of stress and anxiety, old wounds and hidden traumas, and enkindles lightness within the spirit, as if a burden has been lifted." That's exactly what you want to do during this full moon.



Selenite is a water-based crystal that is often associated with the tides during a full moon. It's going to help you deal with your emotions so that you can leave the negative feelings in the past. Selenite can also be healing and restorative, helping to remove energy blockages from your body so that you can get rid of the bad stuff and make room for the good stuff.



Howlite is known to help reduce anxiety and stress, and can be used to help encourage emotional expression. The full moon brings about a lot of intense emotions that are important to address, and Howlite can help get rid of the negative emotions, like a pain and rage, leaving you feeling more calm.



Lastly, there's topaz, which can give energy, promote well-being, make you feel more optimistic, get rid of fear, and leave you feeling rejuvenated. This is what you ultimately want to get out of a full moon ritual: the motivation to move on from the past, do something new, and manifest your goals.