6 'Grey's Anatomy' Characters Who Should Leave The Show After Season 14, Because Some Things Are Better When They End

ABC/Mitch Haaseth

There is a lot of dead weight that could be trimmed from Grey's Anatomy these days. Somehow new characters continue to be funneled into the narrative — there are interns galore — while those who are staples of the show are tossed aside or simply neglected until their arcs are too convoluted or too far in the past to really care about. As a result, here are all the characters who should leave Grey's Anatomy in Season 14.

Of course, some faves are already exiting the show following this season. April and Arizona (actors Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw, respectively) are being written out of the show, to the dismay and anger of plenty of longtime fans. And, while the show has long sustained the loss of substantive figures — plenty of secondary characters, as well as primary characters with dead plotlines, will likely still be roaming Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital for years to come.

It's a frustrating pattern, but one that the show seems to have been following these past few years. The sheer number of characters that Grey's Anatomy tries to accommodate has lent to fumbled twists and turns, as well as plotlines that are difficult to become invested in as a viewer. Some characters are best left behind, not because they are, by nature, useless or uninteresting, but because their potential hasn't been fully realized — or they've long been stuck in cyclical plots — and it's time to cut them loose.