6 Gross & Dangerous Things That Happen If You Wear The Same Underwear Two Days In A Row
by Isadora Baum, CHC
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Think again before re-wearing the same dirty underwear for a second day in a row. It happens — sometimes you forget to do laundry, and you simply can't find a clean pair. However, there's a reason why you should change your underwear every day because it could impact your health. What's more, these side effects can linger, possibly leading to more serious conditions that you'll then have to clear up. And who wants that, right?

As a certified health coach, I work with clients on taking care of their hygiene and self-care, and those private parts are surely included. For both men and women, it can become problematic if you re-wear unwashed and dirty underwear for two or more days, as you're exposing your genitals and groin region to different types of bacteria that could trespass through your skin. Plus, as there's likely to be more sweat and moisture down there, it can make it even easier for you to be affected by dirty clothes, Dr. Michael Reitano, physician in residence at Roman, a men's healthcare app, tells Bustle. To prevent any dangerous or uncomfortable conditions down there, be sure to swap out underwear daily, and even after you've done something sweat-inducing, such as working out. Here are six things that could happen if you don't change those undies enough.


You'll Get Bad Odors

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Reitano says that it's possible to get some not-so-great odors down there when you're re-wearing the same underwear for two or more days at time. Because there is discharge on the underwear, it lingers on your body and gets further moistened as you wear them throughout the day. As a result it can lead to foul smells.


You'll Get Sweatier Down There

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As you're wearing the same dirty undies, and you're exposed to different odors and discharge, it can also make you sweatier, too. "[Y]ou'll find more moisture in the groin areas," says Reitano. So, be sure to bring fresh underwear with you if you're going to be in a sweaty situation (or if it's time for a change).


Accumulation Of Stains

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If you don't change your underwear, it could lead to some nasty stains that accumulate as you use the bathroom more, which you certainly don't want around your groin area. There's "possible staining from incomplete (or not absolutely perfect) cleansing after a bowel movement," says Reitano. "Though, staining is more common in men due to increased perianal hair." No body's perfect, but to make sure the spots you missed don't stick around, change those undies.


Increased Secretions

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You're likely to find an increase in secretions of fluids and discharge, says Reitano, due to the accumulation of moisture. So, when that comes in contact with your genitals, it can allow bacteria to enter, which can lead to infections and other conditions. Those might require further treatments, like antibiotics.


Yeast Infections

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Yeast infections are not just found in women; men can get them, too, and just as bad. "Lack of cleansing can create a perfect atmosphere for yeast infections in either sex," says Reitano. And, if you do get one, you'll need antiobiotics to clear it up. Yeast infections happen when there's a spread of bacteria, and as you're re-wearing dirty underwear, you're allowing bacteria from the day before to build up.


Acne & Skin Problems

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Yes, you can get pimples and rashes down there. "Much in the same way that your facial skin needs to be kept clean and clear of dirt, so too does your genital region," Caleb Backe, a Health and Wellness Expert for Maple Holistics tells Bustle. "Make sure you change your underwear or risk a build up of dirt and oils which will lead to redness, pimples, irritation and more."

The good thing is if you notice any of these symptoms, swaps are super easy to make. And, your body will thank you later.