6 Habits That Make Someone Better In Bed

There's a billion dollar industry dedicated to enhancing our sex lives. From libido-boosting pills and lacy, cut out lingerie to crystal dildos and aphrodisiac perfumes, options abound to add more heat between the sheets. But while buying these things is a quick fix, there are also habits for better sex that might work just as well in the long run.

At face value, the desire for better sex is a beautiful thing. Who wouldn't want to strengthen their connection with the person(s) of their choosing in a way that makes everyone involved shudder with delight? However, it can get to be kinda problematic if you believe there's only one way to have sex, and that if you're not conforming to said standard your sex life is somehow subpar. For example: "successful" sex doesn't have to include an orgasm, it doesn't have to mean penetration, and it absolutely is not a competition. Sex is first and foremost about the chemistry between you and your lover(s), and comparing yourself to anyone else just doesn't make sense.

So if you're looking to improve your sex life (for all the right reasons), here are a few habits that can help you in that department.

1. Practicing Yoga


Engaging in a regular yoga practice has been linked to better sexual stamina and more intense orgasms. Not only will doing downward dog, warrior pose, plank pose and the like give you more flexibility and muscle control where it counts (yes, in the genital area, obvs), but you will also be practiced in staying in the moment to savor every second of your sexual encounters.

2. Meditating Regularly


Like yoga, meditating on the regs can also hone your focus so you are mindful of both you and your partner's experience in bed. Being in touch with your "om" also offers deep relaxation which decreases stress levels and increases your ability to climax.

3. Getting 8 Hours Of Sleep


Getting plenty of z's lowers cortisol which can suppress your sex drive, and for older women, it's even more important to stay rested. A recent study by the North American Menopause Society found that women ages 50 to 79 who slept less than seven to eight hours per night were less likely to have a satisfying sex life than those got a full night's sleep.

4. Masturbating


It might sound counterintuitive that sexing yourself can help you to better sex other folks, but it's definitely true. Keeping your masturbation game strong can increase self-confidence, strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, and help you figure out what you do and don't like in a low pressure situation. That way, when it's time to add someone else to the mix, you'll be far more ready than if you'd been keeping your hands off yourself.

5. Eating Avocados


Yep, you read that right. Eating avocados can benefit your health and your sex life, so ordering that extra side of guac is a must. The glorious green fruit is high in folic acid which offers quick, long-lasting energy for a roll in the hay, and is also high in monosaturated fat, which is central to (sex) hormone production.

6. Staying Hydrated


Water helps flush out toxins, energize your body, lubricate joints — and lubricate a few other parts, too. If you're looking for increased wetness below the belt, the best place to start is with a tall drink of water.

In addition to all the toys and treats you can buy to turn up the heat, look no further than incorporating some easy (and inexpensive) habits into your weekly routine to guarantee you'll be even better in bed.