6 Makeup Ingredients To Watch Out For That Can Cause Blindness If Not Used Properly


When buying makeup, most people just look for foundation that matches their skin tone or mascara that makes their eyelashes look pretty. But what many people don't realize is that some makeup contains ingredients that can cause blindness if you're not careful. This makes it super important to read ingredient labels and choose products that don't put your skin and eyes at risk for infections that can cause permanent damage.

"It is an age old fact that using the wrong cosmetics for your skin type can cause unwanted blemishes and in worse cases, allergic reactions," says Murat Evin, Creative Director of The London School of Make-Up over email. "Reading product labels when purchasing makeup products is therefore more crucial than ever, as harsh ingredients included can have damaging effects on not only the skin but your general health, and in particular, trigger blindness."

This doesn't mean you should panic and throw away all your makeup forever, as not all beauty products are dangerous and blindness as a reaction is pretty rate. But to be safe, you should opt only for products that don't contain any harmful ingredients, and you should avoid using any makeup that's old and potentially filled with bacteria. To make sure you keep your eyesight in tact, watch out for these six makeup ingredients that could potentially cause blindness.