6 Meditations To Help You Beat Stress During Gemini Season


As the temperatures become more pleasant, the shining sun becomes a regular fixture in the sky, and our attitudes shift gears, Gemini season will come into view. From May 21 to June 20, the most dynamic season of the year is among us (spoiler alert: it's a lot of fun, but it's also very intensely variable). The work-heavy Taurus season may have run a lot of us into the ground, so meditations for Gemini season 2019 will be much needed. Starting or ending the day with some peaceful moments in which your energy is turned inward can make all of the difference this confusing season.

That bull-like Taurus energy kept us focused on work, made us persistent, and extra driven, but for many of us, all of that output has yet to yield results. We've all been pushing projects and objectives forward with all of our might, but haven't been able to reap any of the benefits — this will weigh on us and stress us out, to say the least. Now that the fun, creative, and social season of the Gemini is here, we want to see results before we lose our mojo. But most importantly, according to astrologer Lisa Stardust, we're going to have to be ready to deal with the stress that Gemini season can bring, "mostly due to Jupiter and Neptune tugging at the Gemini Sun."

If we're wise, we can carry on with the great work ethic we've developed in Taurus season, but still make room for fun and unpredictable times, as the projects we're invested in are going to be a slow burn. Here are a few meditations that will help us embrace the multicolored Gemini season, without jeopardizing all of the hard work we've already done this year.

Positivity Meditation

Gemini season comes with a lot of opportunities to tap into positive energy, but you have to look for it and know it when you see it. This guided meditation will help you seek out that positive energy and make something of it, while you can.

Relaxing Meditation

It can be hard to power down from work mode, and while you should definitely keep your hard-working Taurus energy in flow, you should also give yourself a break here and there. This guided meditation will help you decompress after a long or frustrating day at work so that you can have some fun before the day is over.

Anti Drama Meditation

Because Gemini season inspires us to go out and be social and talk about our feelings, we're bound to run into some uncomfortable situations. You'll have to make an extra effort to stay away from drama or social toxicity and this guided meditation will give you the tools you need to steer clear from it. According to Stardust, you might want to keep your phone and computer usage to a minimum, or at least read every message you write twice before sending it this season, to make sure you really mean it and want to say it.

Stay In The Moment Meditation

With a burst of energy this Gemini season, you'll want to run around and do a million things at the same time. You'll want to start new projects before finishing old ones, you'll want to double book social plans and take an impromptu vacation. And while a little bit of adventure is good for your spirit, a lack of focus will keep you from getting anything done efficiently. Try this meditation in the morning to help you stay focused and in the moment.

Tone It Down Meditation

Gemini season is going to give us all the proclivity to be a bit ~extra~. While self expression is always a good thing, you might find yourself outside of your comfort zone and wanting to tone down your vibe a little. Being extra every day for a month can be exhausting, so try this meditation out to see if it helps you reserve some of your energy so that you're not tapped out for Cancer season.

Anti-Anxiety Meditation

Gemini season will inspire us to face ourselves and look at past trauma. This is a good thing, because it can be a great opportunity to help us deal with it, but according to Stardust, it's also a deeply stressful thing and something that might cause us a lot of anxiety if we're not careful with our feelings. "The most important thing to do is to stand in the truth and inner light, by releasing past trauma," Stardust says. This mediation will help you address your anxiety before it builds up and becomes unmanageable.