6 Meditations To Help You Feel More Zen During Sagittarius Season

On Nov. 22, the sun moved into Sagittarius, marking the beginning of an adventurous and ambitious archer season for us all. For four weeks, we'll be under the curious and open-minded spell of the archer. While the holidays linger behind and wait ahead of us in this in-between time, we'll want to lean into our vacation days and scatter into the holiday excitement, but the influence of Sagittarius might have other plans for us. To combat the push and pull that we can all expect to experience, I've put together a list of mediations for Sagittarius season. Because, if you take the time to center yourself and focus your desires, you can reach your target with ease.

Bustle talked to astrologer Linda Furiate about what we have to look forward to in Sag season as a whole, and she assures that it's not going to be all ambition and no time off — actually, we'll all be just as inspired to get ahead as we will to seek out good times. "Sagittarius season is actually meant to be fun and exciting. This is the time of year that we may feel inspired to explore beyond the boundaries of our everyday world," Furiate says, giving us hope that we won't be driven only in the work place, we will be driven to have exciting extracurricular experiences too. That said, Furiate also warns "while the Sun is in the sign of Sagittarius it may be our desire to be over zealous and to fill our lives with boundless knowledge and experiences that will keep the flames of life burning. All of this may lead to mental or physical exhaustion."

One thing we can count on the Sagittarius influence for is an enhanced ability to aim and achieve, but without some self discipline and mediation, it's likely we'll aim too broad and attempt to achieve too wide. According to Eva Giorgi, a healer and spiritualist, "setting your sights and hitting your mark" is of upmost importance this Sag season. It's easy to get distracted from the hubbub oh holiday cheer and madness, but you'll want to be as organized and specific as possible as you head into Capricorn season, so mediation is a total necessity and can be the difference between getting ahead this winter, and getting overwhelmed and disoriented. Here's how to stay focused while hitting all of your marks this Sag season:

Astro Twins Audio Mediation

This calming meditation will relax the heck out of you. Once it has you in a peaceful trance, it will help you to harness an optimistic outlook that will inspire you to use your ambition to help others this holiday season. If we all listen to this mediation, we could make the world a better place, so listen to it and share it with your friends and family.

Sag Music Hour Meditation

This hour-long audio track is great to listen to when you're starting your day in Sag season. It's uplifting, propelling and and will give you some focused energy to bring with you into your work. Or, if you prefer, you can listen to this while you sit still for a while before you begin your work.

Sag Beta Waves

This mediation features 25.96 hz Beta Wave Frequency which will get you to a relaxed, but driven state. If you're feeling a slump in energy or a scattering of attention in the middle of the day, put some headphones on, close your eyes, and listen to these beta waves for a few minutes to bring things back into focus and to reset.

Optimistic Mediation

This mediation will help you to feel hopeful about your future and to inspire you to make big changes this season. You might be thinking about taking a risk, but feel naturally pessimistic about how well that risk will reward you. This mediation will help you to feel more confident in taking that risk and allow you to take big steps with optimism on your side.

Focus Mediation

This guided mediation is short, but sweet. In just 10 minutes, you'll feel focused and ready to aim that arrow and hit that target. Listen to this meditation if you have limited time in the morning to mediate, it will do the trick without taking up too much of your energy.

Sleep Time Adventure Mediation

If your desire for adventure this Sag season is insatiable, try a meditative sleep time adventure for a change! Perhaps just listening to this Mayan adventure story will be enough to satisfy a craving or two. At the very least, it will be the most interesting bed time story you've heard in a really long time.