6 Meditations That Will Chill You Out During This Month’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Beautiful young woman meditates in yoga asana Padmasana - Lotus pose on the wooden deck in the autum...

The first official full moon of the summer will rise high in the sky on Tuesday, July 16, 2019, at 5:38 p.m. ET, and it won't just be any old full moon. This July's full moon will be partially eclipsed in Capricorn, meaning it's going to bring with it some intense feelings. Sure, all full moons have the power to stir up complicated emotions, but a lunar eclipse in Capricorn turns the dial up on the feeling spectrum, so we should all be ready with some mediations for the July 2019 full moon to stay as centered as possible.

Meditation helps us to check in with ourselves, keep track of our feelings, and make the most of an astrological event by taking its energy and using it to improve our own. Bustle talked to astrologer Kyle Thomas about what the full moon in partial eclipse has in store for us so that we can best prepare ourselves with the right meditations. According to Thomas, an eclipse is the universe’s tool to bring destiny into our lives, aka it helps move things along in a productive direction, one way or another.

"Huge shifts, beginnings, and endings take place on eclipses — events we long remember that turned our direction and led us further along our path," Thomas says. "Lunar eclipses, like the one we have on July 16, are full moons of great intensity and usher in significant culminations and endings that are often highly emotional."

The July full moon marks an important period of achievement in our lives, Thomas highlights, going on to say that we will be inspired to look back on the growth we’ve made since the beginning of the year and reap the rewards of our hard work or decide that we may no longer think this path is suited for us. Mediation is a great tool to look at our growth, stay focused for the future, and visualize a healthy place to reside in, both mentally and spiritually. Here are a few meditations that promote Thomas's suggestions for the July full moon:

Release What's Not Moving Us Forward

This guided meditation will help you release your grip on the familiar things that are holding you back. Just because you know them, doesn't mean they're good for you. Follow this narration to find the courage to move forward with less attachments — this will serve you during this time.

Energize To Move On

Now that you've let go of what isn't serving you, you might find yourself exhausted. This meditation will help inspire you to build back up your energy and use it to move on with your life with a newfound invigoration. Morning affirmations are a great way to gear up for change.

Capricorn Energy

If your Cap energy is at an all-time high and you're having trouble chilling out after a very intense and productive day, this musical mediation will help you find a quiet place in your mind. These sound frequencies will slow everything down so that you can enjoy a restorative sleep that you deserve.

Find Your True Path

The July full moon is going to create an energized mentality for us, and if we don't know what direction to put it in, we might just spin out or waste the energy. Follow this hypnotic mediation to help you focus on your path so you can focus your energy and get far.

Practical Goals

Setting goals for yourself can be overwhelming, especially with that full moon in Capricorn energy looming over you. This guided meditation will help you visualize your goals in a straightforward way that never feels overwhelming.

Meditation For Growth

The full moon offers a great opportunity for personal development and growth, especially when you have the ambitious influence of Capricorn with you. This guided meditation will help you realize how far you've already come and what specifically you can work on going forward.