Here's Why Leo Zodiac Signs Have Been Feeling So Tired This Mercury Retrograde

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If you feel like you're in constant need of a nap, that makes perfect sense. Mercury has been retrograde since Jul. 7 and astrology is giving you the permission to lay your mane on your most plush pillow. Mercury retrograde predictions for Leo zodiac signs point to slowing down. July isn't going to be the easiest month for the zodiac: Sandwiched between powerful new moons and filled with intense eclipses, plus Mercury's three-week retrograde — it's exhausting!

Leo is known to be kind, generous, and big hearted. But if we're being honest, a little drama excites this center stage loving sign. The cosmic forecast calls for chances of drama during Mercury retrograde summer 2019, which will occur from Jul. 7 to Jul. 31 — that is, if you don't watch the words that follow your thoughts. Mercury, the planet of communication, meddles with technology and contracts and travel. Astrologers caution against making any big decisions. But, see, your creative sign could be bursting with ideas you want to, need to, share with the world. Slow your roar, Leo.

A mere purr will suffice during Mercury's retrograde. Don't worry, you'll be free to maximize the volume once Mercury turns direct right before August. "Your energy will run both high and low, and life will be a strange mix of spotlight moments and time behind the scenes," astrologers the AstroTwins, Ophira and Tali Edut, wrote on their site AstroStyle. There are other planets at play. Mars, the planet of action, is in your sign throughout Mercury's retrograde. You just want to work. But, Mercury is warning you to wait. Your sure-to-be-popular lifestyle social media channel launch can be pushed back. Take the time to give it one last look. Polish it. When Mercury turns direct on Jul. 31, you'll be able to go back to ~werk~.

During this planetary commotion, of which you may feel the most conflicted, rest. Even if you can't "sleep" because your brain is racing, take this time (and the influx of energy!) to develop a strong game plan for the year ahead. You'll be happy you did once Mercury turns direct on Jul. 31!

Be Patient And Give Yourself A Break (Slow Down!)

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Mercury is alerting not just you, Leo, but all signs to slow it down. The pace of our culture today can cause whiplash. With access to social media, a new lifestyle brand can be bred every second. There's a lot of quantity, but you concern yourself with quality. Mercury retrograde reminds us to take a break and hash over the finer details. It basically forces us to edit so our work can be stronger, deeper, better. It's annoying, sure, especially when you just want to join the ranks, but this retrograde is a blessing in disguise.

"You're not exactly putting everything on hold, but you're called to take more time for yourself to recharge," Cafe Astrology wrote. Not all systems have to come to a halt, but a water cooler break — and the very least — is in order.

Don't Get Ahead Of Yourself

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With all these wheels turning in your head thanks to energetic Mars, you might want to tell co-workers and friends about what you're thinking. But the problem lies in how you communicate the information. You might phrase it as concrete facts. Unfortunately, you can't skip the rest of retrograde. "You should probably watch for talking ahead of yourself about things that you are not quite certain about, this can be a time, through trial and error, of finding a better pace for your life," Cafe Astrology cautioned.

Getting ahead of yourself means you'll miss the point of this retrograde: finding the balance that'll properly serve you and your work in the future.

You'll Be Eager To Take Initiative

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With Mars firing away in your fiery sign through Aug. 1, you'll be aching to take on any challenge that presents itself. And sending your genius ideas out into the wild. While you're eager to take initiative, you may want to delay any grand openings until Mercury turns direct. "From July 7 to 19, Mercury will reverse through Leo and your first house of identity," the AstroTwins wrote on AstroStyle. They continue, "Hold off on making any big launches or public announcements, Leo. Your words and intentions could be easily misconstrued." Now is the time to orchestrate behind-the-scenes action and fine tune systems.

Tame Your Roar When Frustrations Develop

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With major clashes of planets, frustrations may boil — especially at work. You want to ask for that promotion, or raise, but the powers that be may put up more of a fight than you expected. Instead of unleashing your roar, excuse yourself and scream into a pillow. "A decision maker could be unpredictable or hard to pin down, and lashing out could burn a bridge. Take a deep breath and don't let them see your frustration today," the AstroTwins advised on AstroStyle. Stay patient, and take that water cooler break. As much as you need.

Go With The Flow And Set Your Intentions At The End Of The Month

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July is a tough month. It's at times frustrating, and sometimes feels like it's working against us, even enjoying our emotional demise. But if you go with the flow of Mercury's wild retrograde, you could enter the direct phase with a polished passion project. And then things begin to look up beginning on Jul. 22 when the Sun enters your sign. "And then Venus moves into Leo on the 27th. A New Moon occurs in Leo on the 31st, and you're beginning to feel the need to turn over a new leaf," Cafe Astrology wrote.

The new moon will be in Leo and this is the time to set your intentions for the next six months. What would you like to achieve? Where would you like to be in 2020?! Take Mercury retrograde summer 2019 to slow down and think about it.