6 ‘Midsommar’ Halloween Costume Ideas That Are As Creepy As They Are Beautiful

'Midsommar' Halloween costume ideas.

Midsommar doesn't seem like your typical horror film: it's full of sunshine and flower crowns, and it's about a festival that celebrates summer. But it's definitely a terrifying horror film. Brought to us by the director of Hereditary, Ari Aster, Midsommar is a creepy folk horror story about an American couple and their friends who go to Sweden for a summer solstice festival hosted by the Swedish Hårga commune. Although they assume it will be a happy-go-lucky, relaxed boho festival, it ends up being full of rituals and horrific moments... and that's all I can say without giving away too many spoilers. That said, there are some great Midsommar Halloween costume ideas if you're looking for something to wear during the holiday that's both creepy and striking.

In all actuality, Midsommar costumes are probably going to be a pretty option this year. Not only are they relatively easy to put together, but you'll probably be able to wear these pieces even when it isn't Halloween. Aside from those logical reasons, it's also just a good spooky costume idea for horror movie lovers who will really appreciate it... and it's on the more unique side.

If you're looking to creep out everyone who's seen the film and get a good costume going, here are a few ideas on exactly what to wear:


Basic Flower Crown Outfit


The Midsommar costume that you can expect to see most people wearing is going to be one that is seen throughout most of the movie: a take on an embroidered floral dress based on traditional Swedish folk dresses and a flower crown. Here's one option for recreating that:


Embroidered Dress With Head Scarf


Midsommar costume designer Andrea Flesch told Bustle in July 2019 that she looked for inspiration in both old Swedish folk dresses and in Hungary, where they filmed. "Here you can find all of the fabrics," she told Bustle, "so I bought tons of 100-year-old linen fabric and embroidery, and I tried to find embroideries in Eastern Europe which looked like they could be also Swedish."

Dresses like the one below are a good enough imitation for Halloween. If you don't want to wear a flower crown, a bandana on your head is another option from the film.


Full Costume


If you want to opt for a similar look with accessories that reflect more of what went on in the film, there's a full costume from Etsy that covers pretty much everything — I won't get into it because of major spoilers!


Another Flower Dress


If you want to get a little more dramatic, opt for an embroidered floral dress as well as a huge flower crown. You can also always try making one yourself with fake flowers and garland from a craft store.


Dani's Outfit


Dani, the American woman visiting Sweden and one of the main characters of the film, mostly wore a blue and white embroidered dress with her own wildflower crown. Copy that the best you can with this look.


The Big Flower Dress At The End


Without giving away any spoilers, I'll just say that the end of Midsommar reveals a fantastically elaborate gown literally covered in flowers. It would be an epic costume, but one that requires a lot of work. Start with a maxi dress, then glue fake flowers all over it — and have an elaborate flower crown as well.