8 Easy Best Friend Halloween Costume Ideas For You & Your Bestie

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Couples costumes are cool and all, but nothing can truly beat a classic, unstoppable BFF duo on Halloween. I mean, no shade to my significant others of the past, present, and future, but I've always had way more fun on Halloween when I'm rolling with my best friends — so BFF costumes are where it's at, if you ask me. And if you've yet to start thinking about you and your best friends Halloween costume options, it's that time! I mean, have you been in a Target recently? And can't you just smell the pumpkin spice in the air? See, I told you it was time to start planning. Halloween season is slowly but surely creeping upon us.

That all said, now's the time to grab your pals and start making some highly-important Halloween decisions. Do you want to go as an iconic pair from your fave TV show or movie? Or would rather stray from the beaten path in favor of some unique DIY action? There are so many options. In fact, you might want to go ahead and text this list over to your best friend immediately. Like I said, it's time to start planning!

Check out these best friend Halloween costume ideas that are simple, easy to put together, and will ensure that you and your best friend stick together all Halloween night long. Happy trick or treatin'!

Betty And Veronica From Riverdale

How to dress like Betty from The CW series 'Riverdale' this Halloween. Photo credit: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
How to dress like Veronica from The CW series 'Riverdale' this Halloween. Photo credit: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
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Our favorite Riverdale gals are easy to emulate for this fun and simple costume. Just make sure Betty's iconic ponytail holds tight and Veronica doesn't forget her precious pearls. You and your BFF may not be dealing with serial killers, mob families, and corrupt small-town politics (at least I hope), but you can still share a late night milkshake, Pops'-style.

Veronica's Look:

Betty's Look:

Bunny Girl Emojis

How to dress like the Bunny Girls emoji this Halloween. Photo credit: Unicode

This is kind of the quintessential BFF emoji, right? I know for sure that all the text threads with my girlfriends are littered with them, so I'm guessing the same is true for you, too. This costume is ultra-simple and highly Instagrammable, so practice your hands-on-your-hips and leg-up pose in unison.

Chapman And Voss From Orange Is The New Black

How to dress like Chapman and Voss from the Netflix series 'Orange is the New Black' this Halloween. Photo credit: Netflix

Ah, Chapman and Voss, the on-again off-again lovers/ex-lovers/BFFs/partners-in-literal-crime we all know and love (or maybe don't love?) on OITNB. However you feel, this costume is easy to make happen (and likely pretty comfortable compared to the skimpier, tighter costume options on the market). Voss — don't forget your thick-rimmed glasses!

Daria And Jane From Daria

How to dress like Daria and Jane from the MTV series 'Daria' this Halloween. Photo credit: MTV

'90s babies, you with me here? Bring your favorite deadpan animated teens to life on Halloween with these fun, DIY costumes. Pair the above pieces with a black pleated skirt and combat boots for Daria, plus black shorts and tights for Jane (and her classic angular haircut and hoop earrings, if you can make it happen) and you're good to go. Pizza, anyone?

Daria's Look:

Jane's Look:

Glinda The Good Witch And The Wicked Witch Of The West From The Wizard Of Oz

How to dress like Glinda and The Wicked Witch from 'The Wizard Of Oz' this Halloween. Photo credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Forget about Dorothy: This Halloween's Wizard of Oz club is witches only. I feel like there's almost always naturally a good witch and a wicked one in every pair of BFFs, so it shouldn't be too hard to decide who's who — just don't drop any houses on anyone over it, K?

Glinda The Good Witch's Look:

The Wicked Witch Of The West's Look:

Joyce Byers And The Wall From Stranger Things

How to dress like the wall from the Netflix series 'Stranger Things' this Halloween. Photo credit: Netflix
How to dress like Joyce Byers from the Netflix series 'Stranger Things' this Halloween. Photo credit: Netflix
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You're going to have to put your DIY skills to use with this one, BFFs, but I believe in you. Joyce is easy — once you have the outfit down, all you need to master is the crazed demeanor and disheveled hair (hey, you've been busy trying to communicate with your son who is trapped in a dark alternate reality, OK?). But if you're dressing as the infamous Ouija-style wall, you'll need to paint the alphabet on your floral-wallpaper-esque dress or top in black letters and be sure to get battery-operated string lights so you can glow on the go.

Joyce's Look:

The Wall's Look:

Sun And Moon

How to dress like the sun and moon this Halloween. Photo credit: Shutterstock

Talk about classic duos — here's maybe the most classic one ever? This most beloved celestial pair is a match made in, ahem, heaven (get it?). One rules the day, one rules the night, but together you'll be unstoppable — so up your sparkle game and channel your inner goddesses as a unique sun and moon.

The Sun:

The Moon:

The Twins From The Shining

How to dress like the twins from 'The Shining' this Halloween. Photo credit: Warner Bros.

This costume is the perfect Halloween combination of cute (I mean, look at that baby doll dress) and extremely creepy. The shining stars of The Shining are definitely the deeply-terrifying Grady twins, quietly haunting the Overlook Hotel. Just be sure to stay away from dark hallways — unless you really, really want to have the scariest costumes of the evening.

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