6 National Best Friends Day 2018 Deals & Freebies You & Your Bestie Should Cash In On

In case you haven't heard, Friday is a pretty important holiday: it's National Best Friends Day, which falls annually on Jun. 8. National Best Friends Day is the best day of the year to celebrate your besties and how awesome they are. Think about it: would your life really be as exciting, fun, and wonderful if they weren't a part of it? Probably not! Would you have anyone to vent to if they weren't there to listen to everything? Chances are good that you wouldn't! Your best friend deserves to have a great time this weekend, with you by their side, of course. Luckily, some brands are taking advantage of this day by offering some pretty great National Best Friends Day deals and freebies you and your bestie can take advantage of.

These deals give you guys a great opportunity to plan a unique hang-out session, maybe something you've never really done together before. You can go get some free ice cream (seriously!) or do something entirely different and get in a workout together. Or do both, since they pretty much balance each other out. Some of the deals include cheaper chocolate and dinner, which is something I think everyone is always down for.

So, this National Best Friends Day, don't just post a really cute photo on Instagram with an amazing caption, and don't just send your BFF a nice text message about how much you love them. Go do something with them and have an amazing time together. There's no doubt that you guys both deserve that.