Trader Joe's New Items For September Will Help You Ease Into Fall

Trader Joe's

I don’t know about you, but the moment September rolls around, I immediately switch over from filling my kitchen with summer fruits and vegetables to filling it with the bounties of the fall harvest — even if it’s still 80 degrees out. Much like a transitional wardrobe, though, you can also make your kitchen somewhat transitional; indeed, these new Trader Joe’s items for September 2017 will help out with that immensely. Some of them capture the last days of summer, while others look ahead to the colder days to come — but they’re all delicious, because, I mean… it’s Trader Joe’s. Everything at Trader Joe’s is delicious.

And, hey, at this point, I’m still celebrating the fact that I live in a place with a readily accessible TJ’s again. Back when I lived in South Jersey, the nearest Trader Joe’s was literally almost all the way to Philadelphia, which meant that I’d rarely have an opportunity to go to it. Now that I’m back in a major metro area, though, there are three within a 10-minute drive. It’s the little things,you know?

As always, it’s worth bearing in mind the caveat on prices TJ’s puts at the bottom of each new item’s page:

Since posting, the details of this item may have changed due to fluctuating market prices, federal regulations, currency rates, drought, pestilence, bandits, rush hour traffic, filibusters, clowns, zombie apocalypse, punctilious product developers...

All of which amounts to the fact that you might want to talk to the Crew at your local TJ’s for current pricing information and availability (although if there's actually a zombie apocalypse going on, maybe consider staying at home). Definitely ask about these six items; they sound amazing.


Calamansi Cooler

Trader Joe's

I had to Google what, exactly, a calamansi was, so in case you are also lacking that knowledge, Gentle Readers, allow me to share what I found: Also known as the calamondin, Philippine lime, musk orange, and acidorange (among many, many other monikers), the calamansi fruit is a naturally-occurring hybrid of a citrus fruit — most likely a mandarin orange, although we're not totally sure — and a kumquat. Native to Southeast Asia, it tastes a little bit sweet and a little bit sour.

TJ’s Calamansi Cooler, meanwhile, tastes somewhat like limeade, albeit with a “tangy, floral twist.” Packaged in individually-sized cans, they’re perfect for those end-of-fall picnics, road trips, and barbecues you’ve likely got coming up. Bonus: If you mix it with iced tea, you can make yourself an Arnold Palmer; it would probably also taste lovely as a component in a boozy cocktail. The drink retails at $2.99 for a four-pack.


Cornbread Crisps

Trader Joe's

If cornbread and chips had a baby, it would look something like these Cornbread Crisps. Trader Joe’s starts by making actual cornbread, then flattens the dough out and bakes them so they come out like crispy, crunchy little diamonds instead of big, fluffy squares. Snack on ‘em; crumble ‘em on top of chili; do whatever the heck you want with ‘em. They’re $2.49 for a six-ounce bag.


Peanut Butter Protein Granola

Trader Joe's

Although there’s plenty of protein in peanuts and peanut butter — both of which TJ’s Peanut Butter Protein Granola has in abundance — the real source of protein in this breakfast treat comes from an unlikely ingredient: Pea protein. (Don’t worry, though; it doesn’t taste like peas.) Thanks to this surprising ingredient, there’s a full 11 grams of protein in a 2/3 cup serving of Peanut Butter Protein Granola. A 12-ounce bag will set you back a mere $3.49.


Organic Reduced Sugar Cherry Preserves

Trader Joe's

This isn’t the first time Trader Joe’s has carried cherry preserves; alas, though, they’ve been missing from the shelves for quite sometime. (This Chowhound post about TJ’s line of Fresh Fruit preserves having been discontinued is from way back in 2006.) The company says they discontinued them due to low sales, but have been listening to customers clamoring for their return ever since.

Now, a replacement is finally here: The new Organic Reduced Cherry Preserves have 50 percent less sugar than regular cherry preserves, but without sacrificing any of the flavor. TJ’s recommends not only piling it onto pastries or using them as an ice cream topping, but also mixing it with barbecue sauce, a bit of Dijon mustard, and minced garlic to make a marinade perfect for red meat. Pick ‘em up for $2.99 for a 15-ounce jar.


Seed And Bean Medley

Trader Joe's

No, not bird seed — this Seed and Bean Medley consists of a variety of human-friendly legumes that have been roasted and tossed with sea salt for a crunchy, salty snack. Which legumes, exactly? Tons: Each six-ounce bag is full of pepitas, large corn kernels, chick peas, fava beans, edamame, and freeze dried peas. They’re $3.49 per bag.


Organic Cacao And Maca Powders

Trader Joe's

Cacao and cocoa powders both come from cocoa beans; however, cacao is processed differently (and less, overall, which is why you’ll often see it referred to as raw cacao), which is believed to result in a more nutrient-rich ingredient. You can easily swap out one for the other, though — and now Trader Joe’s has an organic, fair trade Cacao Powder you can add to your baking rotation. An 8-ounce pouch goes for $3.99.

Maca, meanwhile, is a root vegetable from South America. People describe powder made from it as tasting “earthy,” “nutty,” “caramel-like,” and “malt-like.” You can add it to just about anything for a boost of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants; from what I gather, it’s an excellent add-in for smoothies, although TJ’s also recommends using it in their recipe for no-bake Coconut Cream Energy Bars. An eight-ounce pouch costs $4.99.

Ready for fall yet?