6 Pumpkin-Flavored Trader Joe's Products To Get You In The Fall Spirit

PSA, everyone: there are fewer than 40 days left in summer, and fall is fast approaching. Foodies and Trader Joe's fanatics, this means it's almost time to start stockpiling on your favorite seasonal flavors. If you aren’t all the way on board with the autumnal beverage craze or aren't a Halloween person, holiday food is still something to look forward to — the fall season is certainly for comfort food, more family time, and figuring out ways to transition your summer wardrobe and pumpkin-flavored everything!

It's the perfect buffer between summer and winter time where you can snag those end of summer sales on clothes and still wear all of them, and the best time to prepare for an onslaught of baked favorites, pull all of the plaid flannel out of your closet, and penny pinch for Christmas season.

While you're trying to squeeze the last few coins out of your summer gig, get ready to go back to school or just enjoy the last of rooftop brunch season, it's time to look ahead. Here's the inside scoop on your fall favorites returning to your local Trader Joe's, so you can get your faves without breaking the bank.

1. Pumpkin Vinaigrette

A twist to accompany your favorite salad combo. Maybe you aren't a sweets person, or just want to try a new seasonal way to jazz up your veggies. Either way, this is a good way to introduce your favorite salad mix to the upcoming season.

2. Pumpkin Spice Cookie Butter

If you love cookie butter, this just might be your next seasonal fix! Add a dollop as a snack on apple slices, plop it on top of vanilla ice cream, or slathered on a graham cracker — a little pumpkin spice never hurt anyone.

3. Pumpkin Muffin Mix

Before you panic, this is an easy box recipe you can try and even show off at the company potluck. By just adding an egg, a little oil, and water, voilà! You're well on your way to becoming a regular Martha Stewart. It's also gluten-free, so friends with allergies can partake. For flair, add a cream cheese frosting, nuts, or chocolate chips.

4. Pita Crisps with Cranberries & Pumpkin Seeds

If you're daring enough, try it with a scoop of hummus! These snack crisps are a guilt-free pleasure and offer a sweet and salty mix. You will love these if you like to experiment a little with texture with some of your favorite salty snacks and enjoy the tartness of cranberry.

5. Organic Kabocha Squash

Fall is an ode to everything squash! If you're not quite sure where to go, try the frozen food aisle at Trader Joe's. Kabocha squash, also known as "Japanese pumpkin," is described as a cross between sweet potato and pumpkin. It's worth a try if you want to test out your pumpkin palette. Add it to your favorite meat entree, or pour on TJ's Yellow Curry Sauce with vegetables.

6. Cold Pressed Pumpkin Harvest Juice

Skip the line at your favorite juice bar and grab a few of these on your next grocery shopping trip. This isn't your ordinary pumpkin juice! TJ's has included a bottle full of veggies and fruits with the smooth taste of a juice beverage. Along with pumpkin, each drink includes celery, carrots, turmeric, ginger, sweet potato and orange juice. Best served chilled, it still has the warm and vibrant taste that is a signature of the season. Utilizing High Pressure Processing (HPP), each bottle preserves the nutrients of the ingredients without the icky feeling pulp can add to beverages.

As we live out the last days of summer, watch how some of these seasonal favorites make a reappearance — then nurse your end of summer blues with one of these tasty finds!