6 Pairs Of Earrings That Won't Turn Your Ears Green

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Anyone who has bought cheap-but-fun jewelry knows the heartbreak of having it turn your skin green after just a few hours (or days) of wear. Earrings, specifically, seem unusually vulnerable to this. When you’re shopping for earrings that won’t turn your ears green, you need to know a little chemistry.

Let me explain: The naturally occurring acids in your skin (or in your lotion or perfume) interact with the metals that you wear. This is why some jewelry turns skin green. Some of us have more or less of these acids than others, which is why earrings that don’t trigger a reaction for certain people, might leave a stain on someone else. This greenish coloring is generally harmless and goes away on its own, although that doesn't mean it's not irritating to deal with.

Metals To Avoid

As far as what metal turns skin green, there are a few repeat offenders. Copper is a common additive that is responsible for those notorious green hues, but silver can also stain your skin dark green or black as a result of the same chemical reaction. Gold may turn your skin green depending on what metal alloy it's mixed with.

Metals To Wear

The metals that are least likely to turn your skin green include options like platinum and rhodium — both precious metals that do not tarnish (platinum never needs to be replated, though rhodium will after a few years). For the budget-minded, stainless steel and titanium are nice picks as well.

I hunted down a some of the best earrings on Amazon that won't turn your skin an unsightly hue, including some studs and hoops for everyday wear, plus some attainable investment pieces. None of them will turn your skin green, but all of them will make you shine.


A Pair Of Chic CZ Studs For Extra Sparkle

These high-wattage cubic zirconia studs are a piece you'll always be glad to have in your jewelry collection. Name-brand Swarovski cubic zirconia (CZ) is a quality budget alternative to diamonds that doesn't skimp on sparkle. The earrings' sterling silver posts are plated in platinum, which is an economical use of the precious metal in a way that reaps its never-tarnish, never-replate benefits. As far as the gold-plated options for these earrings are concerned, your mileage may vary depending on skin sensitivity. Your best bet if you want earrings that won't turn your skin green is to opt for the platinum-plated posts only.

  • Available colors: 7 colors
  • Available sizes: ¾ cttw (carat total weight) to 5 cttw


An Easy-To-Wear Set Of Hoops (In Sizes For Body Piercings, Too)

If you're looking for the best everyday earrings, this low-profile infinity huggie hoop earring is a perfect choice. With a small diameter that won't bother you at the gym (and that's more comfy to sleep in than a stud), these stylish earrings are worth every bit of their affordable price point. Made of 316L surgical stainless steel, these earrings won't tarnish, but if you're allergic to nickel just be aware that this set does contain small amounts despite being considered a relatively hypoallergenic material. Shoppers reported that the hoops are easy to take on and off but still wear securely (and comfortably) over long periods of time. Several reviewers also called out the fact that these "perfect everyday hoops" didn't turn ears green over time, either.

  • Available colors: 6 colors
  • Available sizes: 6 - 14 millimeters (approximately ¼-inch - ½-inch)


A Set Of Plain Hoops To Dress Up Your Everyday

A set of hoops earrings in two different polishes and three distinct sizes has you covered for a ton of different looks based on the same classic concept. You can get a set of six in gold and silver shown here, but there are also sparkly CZ hoops and some filigree options in silver, yellow, and rose gold tones. These have a 316L stainless steel pin, while the rest of the earring is plated. This is important to note because the pin is what will come into your skin – in this case, from a material that is known for being tarnish-free. Several Amazon shoppers called them out for being lightweight and easy to wear, noting the sets were a great value for the money.

  • Available options: 13 options


A Pair Of Formal Earrings That Are Dainty Enough For Daytime Too

These formal drop earrings with pearl and cubic zirconia are a delicate accent to dressy looks, and they fly under the radar at school or work thanks to their understated elegance. The posts are made of rhodium-plated brass, which is a less expensive way for jewelers to create the premium look of platinum. (Remember: Rhodium will need to be replated in a few years, so when the plating does wear away, your skin could eventually take umbrage with the brass underneath). That said, the dainty AAAAA cubic zirconia is a high-quality stone that easily catches the light, and the pearl is simulated from glass so it's affordable and cruelty-free, too. "The perfect size and just the right amount of sparkle!" one shopper declared.

  • Available options: 1 options


Something For Everyone: A Dainty Stud Set With Versatile Options

Whether you skew classic, minimalist, femme, or edgy, you're guaranteed to love several styles in this delicate stud earring set. The nine-piece set includes an assortment of metal and CZ studs, dainty bars, discs, and celestial shapes in both silver- and rose-gold tones that feature 316L stainless steel posts. However, the material for the backs of the earring designs couldn't be determined, so people with metal allergies, proceed with caution. That said, the brand advertises these as both nickel-free and lead-free. Amazon shoppers noted that these "super cute" earrings worked well on sensitive ears too. "Love these," one shopper raved, adding, "They are so pretty and look just like the picture! Normally earrings start to hurt my sensitive ears but these do not." Another fan noted, "Nothing fancy but they don’t leave stains on my ears. Great buy!"

  • Available colors: 2 colors


The Ones That Are Worth The Splurge

These gorgeous drop earrings by Kendra Scott flaunt sculpted semiprecious stones that are a worthy splurge to celebrate a promotion, a birthday, or a Wednesday. The silver options on the Elle earring feature rhodium plating that won’t tarnish or turn, but does need to be redone eventually for a nominal fee. The post material for this design varies by color, so double-check when you're narrowing down the final choices to make sure you pick one that's skin-friendly for you (the gold-plated options might not be if you're sensitive to alloy blends). This is a great style that you can seriously wear to so many events, from denim to date night. That sophisticated versatility coupled with high-quality stones and metals makes these and investment that will definitely net you major wearing mileage.

  • Available colors: 30 colors

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