The 10 Best Earrings To Sleep In

Toss and turn as much as you like: These earrings won’t budge.

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If you've ever fallen asleep wearing earrings, you know that not all pairs are comfortable for overnight wear. The best earrings to sleep in solve this dilemma by coming in petite sizes without particularly sharp elements or dangling adornments. Earrings come in many different styles, but the most sleep-friendly picks that are the least likely to catch or snag are studs with secure backings, or petite hoops that hug the ear.

Choose The Right Earring Backs For Studs

When it comes to choosing comfortable studs for sleep, you’ll actually want to center your search around the backing of the earring. Flat-back picks are your best bet for sleeping, since this comfortable style won’t poke or irritate your neck — even if you’re a side sleeper. If you prefer a more traditional earring backing, though, a soft silicone backing that covers most of the post will likely be more comfortable for sleep than a metal one — you can even purchase this style of backing separately to make any of your existing pairs more sleep-friendly.

How To Make Hoop Earrings Comfortable

Prefer to sleep in a pair of hoop earrings? Opt for a small pair that comes close to or hugs the ear lobe (these are sometimes referred to as huggie earrings) with a completely closed loop — no sharp edges to be found! If you’re worried about your earrings falling out, choose a pair with a screw-on backing (both flat-back picks and earrings with traditional backings can feature this) for extra security.

What Else Makes A Good Everyday Earring?

While bedtime comfort is important, you’ll also want to look for details that make the earrings appealing for everyday wear, in addition to every night. Sleep-friendly earrings come in a range of colors and finishes — including classics like gold or silver, or unique picks like black, rose gold, or rainbow — and with extras like pearls, stones and sparkle such as cubic zirconia, or fun shapes that are minimal to not cause discomfort during sleep. If you have a nickel allergy or ears that are generally prone to infection, you’ll want to pay especially close attention to the material that you choose for your earrings — hypoallergenic earrings made from materials like surgical steel, sterling silver, or 18-karat gold are ideal since you’ll be wearing these earrings for many hours at night.

These 10 earrings are wildly comfortable to sleep in — and Amazon reviewers confirm it — all while being super stylish at the same time.

1. A Highly Rated Set Of Flat-Back Studs

These stud earrings from Wssxc have won the hearts of Amazon reviewers — they give this pick a solid 4.3-star rating after 10,000-plus reviews — with tons of people raving that they’re stylish, while being comfortable for bedtime thanks to their flat backs. Plus, the backs actually screw on for extra security during the night. Each of the earrings in the set is made from hypoallergenic surgical steel with a cubic zirconia stone. The smallest stone is just 3 millimeters in size, while the largest is 8 millimeters. Choose from silver, rose gold, or gold finish options.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “I have always struggled with sleeping while wearing earrings because the backs would hurt. These are perfect. I love that I can sleep with them in and don’t have to think about putting earrings on every day. They are somewhat difficult to screw on but like I said with keeping them on for so long it’s worth it for me.”

2. A Pair Of Sterling Silver Stud Earrings With A Silicone Backing

If you prefer sleep-friendly earrings that are made from sterling silver, this pick from COMORE is your perfect match — and for less than $15 to boot. The earrings have a 5-millimeter synthetic moonstone in the center that’s petite but still eye-catching. The soft silicone backings allows you to wear this pick all night long without fear of them disrupting your peaceful slumber. The stud earrings are nickel- and cadmium-free, so they’re a good fit for those with sensitive ears. Other stone options are available, including a beautiful turquoise pick and an iridescent faux opal.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “I needed a pair of earrings that I could leave in my ears all the time. I love the back on these because they have a cushion around it and it makes it so that the back doesn't poke you while you're sleeping. I also needed a pair that wouldn't make my ears itchy because of allergies, and these are just that! Very cute and comfortable. I am glad I bought these on a whim.”

3. A Fan-Favorite Pair Of Huggie Hoops

With a whopping 4.4-star rating overall on Amazon, after 38,000-plus reviews, it’s clear that these PAVOI huggie hoops are popular on the site. For one, the earrings are suitable to wear all day and night, since they’re under a half inch in diameter to hug closely to your earlobe — no snagging or tugging! The 14-karat gold plated, stainless steel post is nickel-free and hypoallergenic. Can we also talk about the fact that these earrings are seriously gorgeous? The cubic zirconia stones pop on this pick, and the rose gold finish is dreamy. But if rose gold isn’t your favorite, this pick is also available in silver and gold finishes, or a thicker gold vermeil option with a sterling silver base.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “These earrings are perfect. I was looking for something small I could sleep in, and these are so great. They fasten securely, and are easy to put in. I plan on buying g a pair of the gold, and the rose gold as well. YOU WILL NOT REGRET BUYING THESE!!”

4. A Set Of Black Stud Earrings With Flat Backs

The unique shapes (triangles, moons, hearts, lightning bolts, and more, oh my!) of these stud earrings from Staligue make them stand out — not to mention the cool polished black finish. The set comes with 18 pairs of petite earrings (ranging from under 3 millimeters to 4 millimeters in diameter), all of which have flat backs that screw-on, ensuring they’ll stay put no matter how much you toss and turn while sleeping. All of the earrings in the set are made of stainless steel, and a few pairs feature a cubic zirconia stone.

Just a quick styling tip — if you have several piercings, you can wear multiple pairs of these earrings at a time and they’d look super cute together. And if black earrings aren’t your thing, this pick is also available in gold, rose gold, and silver finish options.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “I love these earrings. I can finally stop worrying about losing my backings. They don't get stuck in my hair or on my clothes. I can sleep in them comfortably. I've never been able to sleep or shower with earrings in. And they are cute.”

5. A Pair Of 18-Karat Gold Earrings With A Silicone Backing

These ball stud earrings from SISGEM are made of solid 18-karat gold with a high-polish finish that’s truly beautiful. The 4-millimeter size is just large enough to be noticed without pulling on your earlobe, though 3- and 5-millimeter options are also available if you prefer. The earrings feature a large silicone backing to make sleep much more comfortable. Plus, they’re nickel-free.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Very good quality earrings - they are comfortable enough to sleep in, and are well made.”

6. A Trio of Sleek Hoops

If you want a few hoop options, you can’t go wrong with this pick from Jstyle — and Amazon reviewers confirm that the quality is all there despite the $15 price tag, hence the stellar 4.4-star rating they give this pick, after 3,000-plus reviews. This set comes with hoops with three different finishes — silver, gold, and black — allowing you to swap them out to match any outfit (or mix and match). The stainless steel hoops are just 16 millimeters in size (12- and 20-millimeter options are also available), making them small enough to be comfortably worn during sleep. And the totally closed hoop design ensures this pick won’t snag on your clothes, hair, or bedding.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “I bought this set 4-5 years ago and wear the gold hoops daily. I even wear them to the gym and to sleep. They are super lightweight and they do not tarnish. I just had to replace them this year because I lost the gold pair. Still have the black and silver ones and they look perfect.”

7. A Variety Pack Of Dot-Shaped Stud Earrings With Flat Backs

With five pairs of earrings in a range of colors — including classic gold and silver, and fun hues of black, blue, and rainbow — these dot earrings will quickly become your new staple. And the best part is that you won’t have to take them out while you sleep, since the flat backing won’t push up uncomfortably against your neck (yes, even if you’re a side or stomach sleeper). The backing even screws on for added security. The dot-shaped earrings are 4 millimeters in size, and they’re made from hypoallergenic surgical stainless steel. Choose from smaller and larger size options ranging from 3 to 8 millimeters.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “I can sleep in these! I love the screw on back and front. Both screw off. They are subtle, but your ears look amazing. I like to mix and match. My adult daughter, who wears very little jewelry, wears them night and day.”

8. A Pair Of Hoops With A Chic Twist Design

The twisted cable design on these hoop earrings is seriously chic. But don’t just take my word for it; Amazon reviewers give this fashion-forward pick a 4.2-star rating overall, after 1000-plus reviews. The hoops are 12 millimeters in diameter to hug close to your ear, and they’re made from copper plated in 18-karat gold. This pick is hypoallergenic, and lead- and nickel-free. The polished finish will remain lustrous in the long run thanks to this pick’s anti-tarnish finish. If you aren’t head over heels about the twisted cable design, this pick comes in three other equally stylish options from smooth to a screw thread design.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “These earrings are such great quality for the price! I wear them in the shower, when I work out, sleep in them, and they haven’t tarnished/gone bad or irritated my ears at all! They clasp tightly and will not accidentally come undone. In my opinion, these feel like a much more expensive earring. They are on the heavier side but not uncomfortable”.

9. A Pair Of Flat-Back Faux Pearl Earrings

You can’t go wrong with a classic like pearls, and this pair of faux pearl earrings also happen to be wildly comfortable to sleep in thanks to the press-on-style flat backing that won’t poke or prod. Made from stainless steel, the earrings are hypoallergenic and nickel-free, with a 5-millimeter diameter that doesn’t feel too bulky. This set comes with one pair of faux-pearl earrings, but it’s also sold in a set of three.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “These are very pretty and very sturdy. I can wear them 24x7 and no issues—stays In comfortably while bathing/showering/sleeping.”

10. A Collection Of Colorful Stud Earrings

Made with flat screw-on backings, this multipack of stud earrings is bound to be comfortable to sleep in. And not only does it come with a selection of five different colors, it also comes in your choice of sizes, ranging from studs with a tiny 2-millimeter diameter that you’ll barely feel when you sleep to a larger 6-millimeter one. The stainless steel posts are hypoallergenic. Best of all, it costs less than $20 for all five pairs of earrings, no matter which size you choose.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “I really like the flat backs for sleeping. So far I have these in my 3rd ear piercing, the backs screw on and have stayed in place throughout sleeping and showers. I also have sensitive ears and some earrings cause redness and itching, I have had no signs of irritation. These are a definite win.”

Also Nice: Sleep-Friendly Silicone Backs To Replace Your Existing Ones

Don’t want to purchase a brand new pair of earrings for sleep? Consider swapping out the existing backs on your favorite pairs of earrings with these hamburger-style silicone backs, which are large, thick, and cushiony… aka much better suited for sleep. The set comes with 100 clear backs in two different sizes — the large pick is approximately 0.17 by 0.19 inches, and the small one is 0.14 by 0.17 inches. With a price tag of less than $10, you really can’t go wrong.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “The earring backs are so cute, and they are good for my earrings, it is comfortable to wear when sleeping.”