6 Reasons The Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+ Bundle Is The Only Streaming Package You Need, If You Had To Pick Just One

Erin Simkin/Hulu

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Whether you're cooped up with roommates or family, or you're flying solo, it's likely that your streaming services have been indispensable in keeping you sane lately. We have all the time in the world to watch TV now, which means it's the perfect moment to invest in a streaming package like the Disney+ Bundle (including Disney+, ad-supported Hulu, and ESPN+). Seriously, you'll thank us.

For $12.99/month, you get serious bang for your buck with this trio of streaming services. Want to keep up with the compelling original Hulu and Disney+ series your friends can't stop talking about? The bundle grants you access to everything — from Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale, to Pen15, to The Mandalorian on Disney+, and more. Would you rather dig into throwback shows that will transport you back to a simpler and fuzzier time? Stream the Disney movies you grew up with or sitcoms like The Golden Girls (Hulu) or The Simpsons (Disney+). If sports are more your speed, ESPN+ has you covered, with hundreds of hours of content, from live sports events, to the entire ESPN archive, to documentaries that bring you into the worlds of your favorite sports stars.

Read on to discover just why the Disney+ Bundle with Hulu and ESPN+ is the streaming package you need right now to satisfy everyone's tastes.

1. The Bundle Caters To An Entire Family's Tastes

Perhaps you're looking for something kid-friendly that still entertains the adults. Disney+ has literally everything. Maybe you're in the mood to watch the latest original series that all your friends won't stop talking about. It's all about the Hulu Originals. Then, there's always the one member of the family who always has a "big game" on the agenda. ESPN+ has sports, news, podcasts, and commentary on demand! This is the only bundle out there that ticks all of those boxes.

2. You Can Share With A Group

Each of these premium streaming services offers the capability of making a number of user profiles so that you can share the service with family or roommates without having someone else's choices cramping your style. Disney+ allows seven user profiles, Hulu allows six, and ESPN+ allows five. What's more, each of the services can be accessed from multiple devices, with Disney+ at four, ESPN+ at three, and Hulu with an unlimited number of devices.

3. You Can Enjoy Live TV And Sports Events

With add-ons to your Hulu Package, live TV is just a click away. Ergo, that reality TV show you just can't wait to watch or a breaking news broadcast on your favorite network is streamable at your fingertips. With ESPN+, you'll be able to stream a bevy of live college and pro sports events so that you don't miss one play. Consider the virtual water cooler talk accounted for.

4. The Original Content Is On Fire

ICYMI, Hulu has some of the hottest and most critically acclaimed original comedies and dramas out there today. Some of the recent must-watches include Normal People, The Great, Mrs. America, Little Fires Everywhere, and High Fidelity. Disney+ offers some incredible ones as well, from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series to The Mandalorian, and more. In addition to the streaming sports you already know about, ESPN+ has an amazing amount of original content that allows you to get to know some of the biggest names in sports. Try Why We Fight, a series profiling different UFC fighters and investigating the motivations behind some of the world's up-and-coming fighters.

5. The Trio Has All The Documentaries And Docuseries

When you're looking to learn a little bit more about the world, the Disney+ bundle has it all. Disney+ has a breadth of documentary-style reality shows, from the feel-good Encore, uniting former high school musical casts for encore performances, to Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings, following couples having their weddings at the happiest place on Earth. If you're more in the mood for nature, they also have the entire National Geographic catalog. Hulu is full of of-the-moment cultural documentaries. Three great ones are Hillary (a look into the life of the first female major party candidate for presidential election) , Untouchable (in which former colleagues of Harvey Weinstein discuss his rise and fall), and Fyre Fraud (a look into the most colossal music festival failure of all time), to name a few. ESPN+ has a vast library of athletics documentaries. At the top of the list is 30 for 30, a 30-part documentary series in which the legacy sports network looks back on monumental things to happen in the sports world from 1979-2009.

6. Plus, All The Nostalgia

Want to indulge your inner child and watch an old favorite from the Disney vault? All of the classics are in the Disney+ library. Have a craving to zone out over a few hours of your favorite '90s sitcom? Hulu has them in droves. Itching to relive a favorite game of yours from many years ago? Turn to the extensive archives of the ESPN+ library. Especially right now, being a little nostalgic is a great way to life your spirits. And it's only a few clicks away.

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