Why 'The Office's Phyllis & Bob Vance Were Actually Even Better Than Pam & Jim


The Office had a lot of great couples, including the most beloved of them all — Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly. As wonderful as they were, and as much as they made fans believe in love, there are a few reasons Bob Vance and Phyllis were better than Pam and Jim. This is quite a bold statement coming from a huge fan of both the NBC comedy and PB & J, so just listen before you disagree.

Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration, first came onto the scene in Season 2, Episode 10, titled "Christmas Party." Phyllis proudly introduced Bob to her coworkers as her boyfriend. From that moment on, Phyllis and Bob were madly in love. They never hid their relationship. They never flinched or reconsidered whether they should be together. They were in love and wanted everyone to know it.

If you think about it, they got together before Pam and Jim, which means they were together longer and had more of a solid foundation. They didn't have to deal with love triangles (ahem, Roy and Karen), heartache, or romance complications. Phyllis and Bob simply had feelings for one another, got together, became engaged, then married, and lived basically happily ever after.

Yes, there was that one time, and very briefly, Phyllis thought Bob was going to cheat on her with his secretary (Season 5, Episode 25, "Cafe Disco"). That said, as soon as she uttered the words, Phyllis knew the thought was ridiculous and let it go immediately. She never stressed over silly little things and moved on almost instantly. These are just a few of the many reasons Phyllis and Bob were better than Pam and Jim — and here are a few more.


Bob Paid Big Money To Simply Hug Phyllis

Sometimes Jim didn't make the best decisions with money, like that time he invested $10,000 in Athlead, you know the job he took without telling Pam. The same can't be said for Bob. Heck, he spent his money wisely, like that time in Season 5's "Crime Aid" when Bob coughed up $1,000 to hug Phyllis. That's right, he paid $1,000 to hug his own wife. It doesn't get sweeter than that.


They Never Waivered Or Hesitated

From the get-go, Phyllis and Bob just went for it when it came to their relationship. They were all in and embraced the feelings they had for each other. There weren't any games, hesitation, what-ifs, or anything of that nature. All love stories are different, but unlike Jim and Pam, Phyllis and Bob didn't date other people or run scared when they clearly loved each other. They simply ran toward one another full throttle and refused to let each other go from the get-go.


They Embraced Their Intimacy

One of the best things about Bob and Phyllis is they weren't afraid of intimacy. Phyllis was very open about their sex life and sometimes, as you can see above, announced it to the entire Dunder Mifflin office. And remember that time the two had sex in the bathroom during their Valentine's Day lunch with Pam and Jim? Of course, not everyone wants to openly discuss their sex life with others, which is totally fine, but Phyllis and Bob's chemistry should be applauded.


They Didn't Care What Anybody Thought

Bob and Phyllis had no shame. They never hid their true selves. They loved who they were as both individuals and as a pair. They danced like no one was watching. Most importantly, they never let anyone's opinions or criticism get in the way of their love. At moments, Pam and Jim would let others opinions get in their heads, like that time in Season 6 when they couldn't believe they were pretty much the only two who never had sex in the office (they eventually did, or so viewers were led to believe that they did).

Phyllis and Bob would've reacted totally differently by ignoring everyone else's thoughts. They were simply two people who only focused on their own feelings and cared less what anybody else thought about their relationship.


Bob Didn't Lie To Phyllis

As previously stated, Jim took his dream job at Athlead, a sports marketing company, without telling Pam in Season 9. That's right, he kept it a secret for a really long time before finally telling her the truth. Like Pam said after learning Jim's secret, "I still can't believe he didn't tell me."

Oh, and remember that time he bought his parents' house for the two of them without her knowledge? As Pam vented to Nellie in Season 9, "He took this job in Philly without telling me. He bought our house without telling me. At a certain point, he shouldn't be rewarded for that." Preach, Pam.

Bob never kept such massive life secrets from Phyllis, and vice versa.


Bob Loved Expressing Himself

There was no gift too big or small for Mrs. Phyllis Vance. Bob loved showering Phyllis with gifts. Remember that time she received present after present on Valentine's Day (Season 2, Episode 16)? She literally had to carry home a huge stuffed teddy bear on her back when she left work for the day. Or how about that time Bob bought Phyllis perfume from metropolitan Orlando?

Yes, Jim surprised Pam with a house (which some applaud, whereas others find fault with, including even Pam), but Bob just wanted to show Phyllis how much he loved her whenever possible — and sometimes with over-the-top gifts.

Fans of The Office could probably argue for days about who makes the better couple. Yes, Phyllis and Bob and Pam and Jim are both beyond great. That said, the Vances had a slight edge over the Halperts. Plus, are there any arguments out there explaining why Bob was actually really awful? No, but the same certainly can't be said for Jim.