6 Routines That Will Set You Up To Focus On Your Dream

Not all habits are bad. Every personal pursuit, be it creative or business — or if you’re lucky, both! — is made easier through the creation of daily routines. Daily practices are proof of your commitment to your goals. And while good habits may actually be harder to form than bad ones, which tend to come so naturally, these small steps are what make the fulfillment of your dreams possible.

1850™ Brand Coffee knows a few things about good habits, helping doers wake up every day, get energized, and go out in pursuit of making their passions a reality. It's a blend specifically designed for trailblazers, so you too can tap into your boldest instincts and forge a path to achieving big things. Here are 7 seemingly small steps that will help guide your way!

1. Kick Off The Day By Making Your Bed


Making your bed is the definition of starting small. And while this particular piece of advice may seem trivial, and you’ve probably heard it before—perhaps even in your mother’s voice coming at you from down the hall of your childhood home — making your bed each morning is the first in a set of small, achievable actions that can have dramatic effects over time.

Making your bed sets you up for success in three essential ways: It involves setting your intention, establishing daily practice, and honoring your commitment. These three steps are crucial in pursuing your dream, and practicing these steps on something as simple and low-stakes as making your bed gives you the daily push you need to recommit yourself to your goals. Pro tip: Pairing bed-making between sips of 1850 can give your morning a sense of unlimited possibility!

Once you’ve committed to these steps at the micro-level, you can scale up to wherever the pursuit of your dream takes you.

2. Go For A Walk & Get Your Thoughts Together


The great thinkers of every age learn that a mind in motion is a powerful thing. Taking your thoughts on a walk — with no headphones, and no added distractions — is a shortcut to meditation. Whether your intention for the walk to is solve a problem that has been plaguing you, to work through emotions, or to clear your mind in order to let the next great idea arrive, a brisk walk (or roll, or jog, so long as your body is in motion) will invariably focus your thoughts and change your perspective. Make walking a daily routine: take the long way to work, circle the block on your lunch break, or walk off your dinner with an evening stroll.

3. Keep Track Of Your Progress


One key element in moving from the theoretical to the actual is metrics. Start by identifying your ultimate goal, and work backwards from there. What are the steps you’ll need to take to achieve it? What is a realistic timeline for each of the steps? What can you do each day, each week? Recording your goals on a time table will allow you to measure and track your progress objectively. Charting your progress also allows you to zoom out and look at the big picture over time. Moods, emotions, and motivation may vary, but numbers don’t lie!

4. Share Your Vision


If you’ve been harboring your dreams and ambitions in secret, now is the time to share them with the rest of the class. It’s understandable and even healthy to keep your intentions to yourself in the very early stages—it allows you to gradually and independently assess how realistic and viable your goals are. But once you’ve committed to pursuing your passion, you owe it to yourself and to those around you to share your plans. Externalizing your goals makes you more accountable to them, and it also allows others to help you in ways that you might not even know they can.

5. Teach Yourself New Things


Focusing on your dreams requires constantly renewed commitment. Look for ways to create structure in order to create a foundation your work and encourage advancement. Taking a class is a great way to ensure progress, as it builds in deadlines, feedback, and an audience for your ideas. If you prefer to work alone, signing up for an online course or installing a productivity app is great way to make progress in a way that works for your schedule. If pursuing your dream requires specialized attention, hire or shadow an expert in your chosen area. All of these actions require a real investment, and have the benefit of bringing structure and guidance to your endeavors.

6. Celebrate Yourself


Above all, be kind to yourself. It takes insight to figure out where your true passions lie, and real courage to embrace the challenge of pursuing them. Progress may be slow, and you might find yourself discouraged by your early efforts, but allowing yourself the room to make mistakes will make the process so much easier. Allow yourself the compassion you would grant to others in your position. Practicing kindness to yourself and expressing gratitude for what you do achieve is a great way to start each day — along with a cup of 1850, of course!

This article is sponsored by 1850™ Brand Coffee.