6 Secret Menu Items At Shake Shack Even Super Fans Don't Know About

by Mia Mercado
Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

So goes the old playground saying: secrets, secrets are no fun, unless they have to do with hidden menu items at your favorite fast food place. In the age of the internet, secret menus have become so ubiquitous, they should really be called “not-so-secret menus" — Shake Shack secret menu included. It joins the ranks of In-N-Out’s secret menu, which touts animal style sauce and french fries in burgers. There’s the ever-growing Starbuck’s secret menu, the bane of every barista’s existence. But have you taken full advantage of everything on the Shake Shack secret menu? Follow me, as we journey into a secret menu of burgers and ShakeSauce and french fries. Oh my!

At one time, there was rumored to be a Peanut Butter Bacon Burger on Shake Shack’s secret menu. However, as the company noted in a tweet, they’ve removed all peanut products from their menu for allergy. “While some items are prepared in facilities where peanuts and tree nuts are present,” Shake Shack’s FAQ page states, “every effort is made to prevent cross-contamination.”

Earlier this year, Shake Shack had a Game of Thrones secret menu, a promotion in honor of the series coming to an end. The menu includes two items: the Dragonglass Shake (a combination of mint and white chocolate and topped with toffee-like bits) and the Dracarys Burger (two Shake Shack Monterey Jack cheeseburgers, topped with spicy ShackSauce and bacon). The catch? You had to order in Valyrian to actually get the food.

For those of us who are less than fluent in Valyrian, the fast-food chain has a handful of other secret menu items you can order anytime in plain old English. Thanks to an insider scoop emailed to Bustle, here are six secret menu items you can snag at Shake Shack.


Cheese Fries with ShackSauce

The chain’s famous sauce is so beloved, it was the subject of their April Fool’s Day prank this year. Of course, fans were bummed to hear they couldn’t actually buy gallon tubs of the delicious ShackSauce. While the actual recipe remains a secret, Bon Appetit claims it a combination of mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, ketchup, dill pickle brine, and cayenne pepper. While you won’t be finding it stores anytime soon, you can always get an order of cheese fries and ask for a side of ShackSauce to really douse your fries. For a spicier treat, ask for chili peppers, too.


Garden Dog

According to our Shake Shack insider, there are vegetarian options on the secret menu that go beyond the ‘Shroom Burger. To get a garden dog, just order the ShackCago dog (Shack Shake’s take on a Chicago-style hot dog) and ask them to hold the meat. Will you get funny looks? Perhaps, but at least you don’t have to butcher a made-up language in order to get it.


Grilled Cheese

Like most fast food places, Shack Shake more than has the means to make a classic grilled cheese sandwich. Either ask for it by name or beg for a bun with a couple slices of melted cheese between. If you want to go buck wild, ask them to add bacon.


Beer Float

In addition to the ShackMeister ale made in partnership with Brooklyn Brewery, Shake Shack carries a selection of local brews to choose from. Pick your favorite brew, preferably a porter or a stout, and get a scoop of ice cream on the side. Ask for an extra cup to mix your own drink-y dessert concoction.


Lettuce Wraps

Joern Pollex/Getty Images News/Getty Images

“Any burger can be ordered with a lettuce wrap,” Shake Shack’s site states, “and most of our US Shacks offer gluten-free buns.” Ask for your favorite burger, hold the bun. Or get a chicken sandwich “protein-style” in a lettuce wrap. You can even get flat-top dogs inside a lettuce wrap.


Shake Shack Quad Burger

Perhaps it seems obvious or maybe a bit absurd but you can get basically as much meat as you want between your burger buns. You just have to ask. If you’re up to the challenge, get a ShackBurger and ask for four meat patties. Bon appetit or maybe I should say godspeed.