These Are The 6 Signs Whose Love Lives Are Going To Suffer The Most This Month

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As Valentine's Day approaches, February is not necessarily going to result in a romantic-comedy-inspired Hollywood happily ever after for everyone. And, these signs' love lives are going to suffer the most in February, according to astrology. While checking your horoscope on the regular to see what's in store for you based on your zodiac sign can help you embrace opportunities and avoid pitfalls, other cosmic events can also influence your life and your sign.

So, what are the signs? Apologies, friends:

  • Leo
  • Aquarius
  • Sagittarius
  • Scorpio
  • Gemini
  • Libra

So, how will it effect said signs? The effects of January's super blue blood moon are still lingering. What's more, February's dark moon will thrust some signs into a dark and twisty spiral. If you survived the super-blue-blood-moon-lunar eclipse unscathed, that doesn't mean you're in the clear — especially if you're a Leo. "Because [eclipses] occur over a period of time in the same signs (which equates to the same house, or area of your life), we need to consider the entire time period as a framework for unpacking their message and meaning," Chani Nicholas reported on their astrology blog, adding that every astrological occurrence is part of a larger unfolding. And, it can take months before everything is revealed.

"Because the eclipses in Leo are north-node eclipses, the general theme of them will be about something in this area of your life increasing," Nicholas explained. "Events around the north node can teach us about our hunger, our greed, and our wanting. Some of it helps us to achieve great things, while some of it disturbs our ability to experience contentment." Even if you're not a Leo, if you have Leo rising in your birth chart, you too could feel the upheaval.

The Love Train Jumps The Track

Leo isn't the only sign in for a February love-rollercoaster ride. The new moon in Aquarius also occurs the day after Valentine's Day. W Magazine reported that the Astro Poets predict a mixed bag for Aquarius this month. Someone who has long had a crush on you might reveal their true feelings, which could be kind of awkward. "The problem is that while you will feel warmly toward anyone who is basically in love with you (I mean, who wouldn’t?), there is no guarantee you will feel the same way."

What's more, a partial solar eclipse in Aquarius Feb. 15 could have Aquarians, and those with Aquarius in their birth charts, reevaluating their love lives. "In general, we might want to use the eclipse on [Feb. 15] to ask ourselves what is unworthy of the space it takes up in our hearts, lives, and especially our minds," Nicholas advised. "Aquarius, the Water Bearer, is the bringer of cool, thirst-quenching and refreshing libations. Usually given out in the form of innovative ideas and humanitarian gestures, Aquarius brings us back to our senses." This might mean you're headed for a post Valentine's Day split from a long-time partner.

For Sagittarius-born people, and those with Sagittarius in their charts, Mars moving through your sign all of February, and part of March, could empower you to ditch toxic partners, which is good. However, change is always hard, and the process won't necessarily be pain free. "Mars brings with it the opportunity to work with conflict, but also to move with courage toward what needs our action and energy," Nicholas noted.

Because, It Was A Perfect Illusion

The Astro Poets in W Magazine advised that while Sagittarius could engage in some romantic trysts, develop a new crush, or deepen a current relationship, the single Sag should focus on themselves. "But most importantly of all, you should engage in self-love and self-care this month. After all, the old adage rings true — you can’t really love anyone until you love yourself. Put this cliché into practice."

While not necessarily specific to February (it happen any time in 2018), three other signs could be moving into the heartbreak hotel, according to author and blogger David Wolfe. Scorpio, while being mysterious usually works to your advantage, this time your tendency to play your cards close to the your vest could backfire when you unleash pent of frustrations about a long-term relationship.

"In a relationship you like to be the one who decides major relationship changes and you have a tendency to be the one to build up a relationship into something that it is not," Wolfe explained. What's more, you often fail to examine your role in relationship-related chaos. Use this opportunity to honestly review your part in the process.

So, Take Charge Of Your Love Life Like A Boss

Gemini, your inability to truly open up to your partner could cause your once sparkly love affair to slowly fade away. "Gemini’s have a hard time truly opening up to their significant other, which can lead to trust issues with your partner," Wolfe noted. If your relationship does dissolve, it's time for some self reflection. Use this time to learn to trust your instincts so you are better able to open yourself up to others.

For lovelorn Libra, putting your partner's needs ahead of your own might result in resentment. Additionally, your tendency to stay quiet instead of speaking up could cause avoidable chaos. "You are a big believer in sensing personal auras and can sense when others, including your partner, are off which can lead you to assume instead of ask," Wolfe wrote. "You sometimes feel lost in the everyday hectic that is life and that feeling of being lost can lead to give up on relationships too easily." If you decide the relationship is worth it, make yourself have an honest conversation with your partner, and get ready to put in the work to strengthen your relationship.

If you're a Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Gemini, or Libra (or you have any of these signs in your chart), it doesn't mean your definitely headed for a Luke and Lorelai dumpster-fire break up. Because you have free will, you always have a choice. Use these predictions as a road map for your love life, but remember that you are ultimately responsible for what you choose, and how you behave and respond, in each moment. And, let's face, sometimes ending a relationship is for the best, though that doesn't make it suck any less.