Shushanna Isn't Letting Her 'BiP' Bullies Get To Her, If Her Instagram Is Any Indication

One of the main attractions fans have to Bachelor in Paradise is that it gives them the opportunity to catch up with familiar faces from The Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons past. Season 5 is no exception to that, however, there's one face that may be extra familiar, considering she's walked the beaches of Paradise once before. You may recall Shushanna Mkrtychyan as the Russian beauty from Ben's season of The Bachelor, or the girl who left Paradise prematurely because she doesn't "fight for guys." But according to Shushanna's Instagram page, she's much more than all of that. And she's bringing it back to Mexico.

If you've seen the trailer for Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise, you already know things with Shushanna go awry upon her arrival. She's been picked on in the past, referred to as "euro trash," by Ashley Iaconetti, and in the trailer, she cries over claims of being slotted as a Russian "witch," among other things. "First I'm a Russian hooker, then I'm European trash, now I'm a witch," she says in the trailer. It's unclear exactly where that accusation came from — although it could from Becca Kufrin's Kamil. "Every time I make eye contact with her, it's like this evil stare," Kamil says in the trailer. And while it's likely that she's not actually a witch — and why is that even a bad thing? — she embodies many other genuinely admirable characteristics that make her wicked cool.

She Has A Sense Of Humor

After all of this witchy business hit the internet in preparation for Season 5, Shushanna could do nothing but play along. She shared her clip from the trailer, in which Wells, the bartender, says "There definitely is a Russian witch hunt," which, undeniably, has a political ring to it. Shushanna took it one step further by tagging Donald Trump in the post.

She (Sort Of) Has A YouTube Channel

@shushanna_mk on Instagram

Apparently political humor isn't the only form of comedic banter Shu likes to take part in. Last year, she announced on her Instagram story that she and her good friend were starting a YouTube channel to share their funny adventures. "A lot of you have asked us to start up YouTube channels either together or separate," she wrote. "Well we delivered! It's still under construction ... but will be up and running very soon." She also wrote that the two of them would be posting a new video every Thursday.

After a quick search of YouTube, a channel with only two videos pops up that was created around the same time. Its owner is Shushanna Mary mk, so we can assume Shu made the page. The two videos are a quirky cover of Frozen's "Love Is An Open Door" and a parody of Fergie's theatrical national anthem performance. It's possible that Shu got swept up in paradise before being able to create more content for the tube, though, because the channel has been silent for a while.

She Stays Pretty Active

Particularly with yoga, rock climbing, and hiking. They're all over her page.

She's 30 & Loving It It

After three decades of life, she's only craving more. "I am thirsty for a new adventures that this world will bring into my life," she wrote on Instagram.

She Has An Instagram Mom

Forget instagram husband (unless he happens to be in paradise, of course), her mom knows all the good photo angles. And Shu has quite a few endearing photos with her as well. Gotta love an adorable mother-daughter relationship.

She's Still Good At Math

In case you forgot after she appeared on The Bachelor, Shu is a mathematician. Has she calculated the probability of her leaving Mexico with love? The solution isn't clear, for now at least.