6 Ways To Dress Up As A Zombie Disney Princess This Halloween

Amazon; Glam&Gore/YouTube

One of the most popular Halloween costume choices is a Disney princess. You see at least one Disney princess costume out and about every single year — but more likely almost all of them, in various forms. There's the classic take on the look, which includes an authentic costume, a wig, and some simple makeup. Then there's the "sexy" version of the princesses, which usually means a shorter dress made to resemble a Disney princess outfit. Both can be really fun, and will always be a Halloween classic. But if you want to dress as a Disney princess and make the look stand out a lot more, you easily can... by turning the princess into a zombie princess. It's creepy, it's perfect for the spooky vibes of the day, and it's really not all that difficult. Making a zombie Disney princess Halloween costume is definitely something you'll want to look into.

To do it, you can buy a standard costume for your princess of choice — they're pretty easy to find. Once you have the costume, get ready to basically destroy it by adding some rips, splattering it with fake blood, and maybe even creating burn marks. The most important part of the look, though, is the makeup. You need to turn your face into something that looks, well, dead... and really creepy. I've put together some Disney princess costumes and have shown you exactly how to zombie-fy them. It will certainly make your costume more unique!


Ariel From 'The Little Mermaid'

Adult Mermaid Costume, $55 - $66, Amazon

Ariel costumes are always fun, but to make them even more fun, you can turn into a zombie. Get your standard Ariel costume, then add some fake blood and maybe some rips in the tail. What really makes this look authentic, though, is the makeup. The below tutorial shows how to do Ariel zombie makeup, complete with a hook through the mouth.


Princess Aurora From 'Sleeping Beauty'

Disney Princess Aurora Costume, $47 - $54, Walmart

Sleeping Beauty is such an innocent costume... until you turn her into a bloody zombie. The below makeup is for a "sleepless" Sleeping Beauty zombie look, which is both creepy and kind of relatable?


Snow White From 'Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs'

Snow White Costume for Adults by Disguise, $47, Disney

Snow White is another really popular Disney princess costume for young women, so make yours stand out by looking, well... dead. The below makeup tutorial turns you into a super creepy Snow White zombie. It's not quite as elaborate as some tutorials, which is nice for those who don't want to spend hours upon hours on their makeup. Add some fake blood and maybe a "poison" apple accessory.


Cinderella From 'Cinderella'

Women's Cinderella Prestige Costume, $30, Halloween Express

Turn sweet Cinderella into spooky Cinderella with lots of fake blood and gore. The below makeup tutorial is not for the faint of heart, but if you can pull it off, it's definitely worth it. This is a zombie Cinderella with her famous heel sticking out of her face. Amazing!


Belle From 'Beauty And The Beast'

Adult Belle Costume, $80, Party City

This Belle costume is very sweet and innocent... so you're going to need to change that to be a zombie version of this princess. Add some rips and tears. Then the below makeup tutorial will make sense: a zombie Belle. Super creepy!


Merida From 'Brave'

Women's Merida Adult Cosplay Costume, $70 - $83, Amazon

While there's no Merida zombie makeup tutorial on YouTube, that doesn't mean you can't do it! Use a general zombie makeup tutorial to make Merida look dead this Halloween. Make the look more authentic by ripping up the dress and adding splotches of fake blood.