60 Brilliant Gifts To Get Your Partner That Are Under $25

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The best gifts in life aren't always the ones that will put you in debt. These brilliant gifts to get your partner that are under $25 on Amazon include practical, fun, and surprisingly luxurious products that will also show your loved one that you're frugal and sensible (which is its own kind of gift, right?).

This list focuses on cool gadgets, innovative tools, and products that seem like they were pulled straight from a five-star spa. Maybe you want to show your partner you think they deserve the ultimate in relaxation: massage oils, body massagers, plush pillows, and pretty soaps are your jam. Or perhaps your idea of the perfect gift is one you can share and use together to learn more about each other: what could be better than a cookbook for two, a pair of fondue mugs, stemless wine glasses that are like mini decanters, or even a slew of new, super fun party games that pit you against each other (because competition can be sexy).

This list features gift ideas for new couples who are just getting to know one another and gifts for couples who have been dating forever. The one thing they have in common is that you may find yourself asking: are you sure it only costs $25?

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