61 Dope Gifts On Amazon Prime That Men Actually Want

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I consider myself a little obsessed when it comes to gift giving. I have Pinterest boards, secret notebooks, and discreet pictures I've taken of labels when someone points out a cool product — you name it, I've done it. That's why, when it comes to gifts that men actually want, I have a pretty solid arsenal of suggestions. Some of these ideas even come straight from the mouths of the men in my life, so your own brother, boyfriend, or dad will thank you.

A little secret when it comes to finding the perfect present? I've found that most adults prefer practicality. Gifts that he actually wants and gifts that he'll actually use tend to be one in the same, because if it speeds up his routine, makes an annoying task a little easier, or improves his day-to-day life, what's not to love? That's not to say that he won't adore the poop emoji pillow you've considered. It just means that a useful gift is, more often than not, a foolproof gift — for anyone, and definitely not just men.

Now for the best news of all: these are all gifts for men that you can buy on Amazon Prime, so if Father's Day or his birthday is quickly approaching, no worries — you still have time. Free, two-day shipping saves the day once again.

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