7 Awkward Things Your Partner Will Do If They’re Truly In Love

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When you imagine being in love, it's probably some of the stereotypical images of romance that pop into your mind — flowers, staring into each other's eyes over a candlelit dinner, wandering a park arm-in-arm. But the truth is, when you really love someone it can look a lot weirder. Sometimes, love can make us do some very strange things indeed. So if you have some weird relationship habits, you're not alone.

"Love has a way of overwhelming us," Joshua Klapow, PhD, clinical psychologist and host of The Kurre and Klapow Show, tells Bustle. "Your partner may go from being themselves to an 'in love geek'. They may say strange things, make awkward comments, look slightly uncomfortable, all because they are so in love with you. They are trying to basically navigate who they are in the context of these deep feelings of love and, for a while, it can look a little weird. But it means love is in the air." So if you notice your partner doing some slightly awkward things (like a lot of oversharing), you shouldn't be worried — it might just be a sign that they're head over heels for you.

Here are seven awkward things your partner might do if they're in love, because suddenly nothing seems off limits.


They Overshare About Everything

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If your partner feels the need to tell you everything about them, that's actually really normal. "In an attempt to test the strength of the love your partner has for you — you may find them sharing way too much personal information," Klapow says. "Bad habits, bodily functions, strange childhood experiences. Things that are OK to know, but there is no true need to know. They share this with you to make sure you know them inside and out." If you feel like there's some awkwardness or information overload, especially at the beginning, it's nothing to worry about.


They Worry About You

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When your partner's really in love, they may seem really concerned about your health or well-being — even when there's nothing wrong. "The worry can be very irrational but it is merely a byproduct of the intense feelings of love we have," Klapow says.


They Act Childish

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If your partner seems to regress a bit, it's no reason to be alarmed. "Love has a way of bringing out the child in us," Klapow says. "From pranks and teasing to using 'baby talk' — they may go from their 20s and 30s to their pre-teens all in the name of love. Pet names, strange, cheesy love phrases — all because love has a way of bringing us back to our childhood." The baby talk can seem confusing when other couples do it, but might seem totally normal to you if you're really enamored with each other.


Cutesy Social Media Posts

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Oh, the social media posts. "For most of us not in the throes of new love, the cute social media posts are at times cute, but at times irritating," Klapow says. "However, for a partner in love, every interaction can feel special." So you might find they're constantly tagging you and uploading ridiculous and over-the-top photos, just because they're so in love.


Making Lots Of Inside Jokes

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You might notice your partner jumping on silly little exchanges and turning them into inside jokes between the two of you. Giggling away may seem confusing to other people, but it can be a real bonding experience in a couple. "For the rest of the world the strange, out of context sayings are extremely weird," Klapow says. "Moreover, when a couple is laughing or giggling at them it only adds to the strangeness. But when you are in love, you share experiences, moments, and exchanges that are only the two of yours."


Talking About Personal Hygeine

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While the beginning of a relationship may hold a lot of mystery, at some point there are normally no more secrets — and that includes what happens in the bathroom. "When you are dating, personal hygiene is a closely held secret," Klapow says. "When you are in love and you are spending much more time together, it is difficult to hide the personal hygiene secrets. Talking about them openly is almost a 'love right of passage' and while it may be awkward at first, and different people draw the line at different levels of transparency, talking about who and what you are physically is a normal part of being in love." At some point, your partner may just put it all out there.


Getting Into Silly Routines

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One fun bonding experience is having routines together — and you might find your partner instigating silly day or nighttime routines. "They can be odd (face products, flexing muscles in the mirror, singing theme songs)," Klapow says. "They can be rigid (same routines every day and every night). They are, from the outside, strange and odd. But as you love your partner, as you get to know them, what is strange becomes familiar — and, as it becomes familiar, it is just a part of the person you love."

Getting to know each other might be a tentative process, but when you're in love it all tends to spill out. If your partner does some weird — or slightly awkward — things, it may just be a sign that they're really in love.