7 Banana Beauty Products That'll Take Your Skincare Routine To The Next Level

Diane Villadsen/Stocksy

Search YouTube for DIY beauty hacks and you'll find countless videos proclaiming the benefits of various items found in your kitchen cupboard. I'm always sceptical about such claims but perhaps I need to believe in the beauty bloggers a little more as it turns out that one ingredient — banana — is actually good for your skin. And much to my delight, it's the affordable brands that have some of the best banana beauty products around.

It's a well-known fact that bananas are a great addition to your diet. But an industry secret is that the advantages bananas have for your body can also apply to your skin.

"Bananas are high in vitamin E which makes them moisturising," cosmetic chemist Ni'Kita Wilson recently told Allure. As well as all that vitamin goodness, the fruit also contains antioxidants which work to prevent premature ageing, giving your skin a youthful glow.

Cosmopolitan even reckons that bananas can help soothe irritating skin problems like bites and rashes. And if that isn't enough, the peel of a banana is said to be a great exfoliator with the potential to reduce puffiness under the eyes.

While you can just go down the DIY route, it's sometimes a lot easier to buy a product that has already done all of the hard work for you. Here are a few to try out:

1Banana Body Yogurt

Banana Body Yogurt

The Body Shop

The Body Shop has released an entire banana-infused skincare range. One of the most impressive products on offer is this lightweight body moisturiser, which absorbs quickly and claims to keep your skin moisturised for up to 48 hours.

2TonyMoly Banana Sleeping Pack

TonyMoly Magic Food Banana Sleeping Pack


This night cream is so good that it's sold out everywhere except Amazon. It contains a high concentration of banana extract and works its magic overnight, leaving your skin looking hydrated and bright as soon as you wake up. And who can resist the adorable banana packaging?

3Lanolips Banana Balm

Lanolips Banana Balm


Considering the moisturising properties of banana, it was only a matter of time before a beauty brand included it in a lip balm. Lanolips has done just that with its three-in-one formula which promises to smooth, shine, and condition in one quick swipe.

4Banana Hair Mask

Banana Truly Nourishing Hair Mask

The Body Shop

Made with organic banana puree from Ecuador, The Body Shop's hair mask is one for those who have suffered during this heatwave. Simply leave it on your hair once a week to see instant shiny and de-frizzing results.

5Banana Soap

Sticky Banana Soap


A combination of banana, yoghurt, and honeycomb makes for a soap that smells heavenly. Use it in the shower or bath to really moisturise your skin. And remember that a little goes a long way so you won't have to shell out more money in a hurry.

6G9Skin Banana Mask

G9Skin Banana Milk Bomb Mask


If Korean brands are including bananas in their formulas, you know it's got to be good. G9Skin has mixed banana extract with milk protein to end up with a nourishing sheet mask that is non-sticky and, more importantly, non-irritating.

7TonyMoly Banana Hand Milk

TonyMoly Magic Food Banana Hand Milk


Again, this TonyMoly product appears to only be available on Amazon in the UK. With a similar formula to the brand's moisturiser, this hand cream also contains coconut oil and shea butter. It'll relieve your hands of any dry patches and leave them literally smelling good enough to eat.

What ever will the beauty world come up with next?