7 Beauty Gifts For The Friend Who’s An Unofficial Beauty Blogger

Courtesy of Nordstrom Rack

We all have those friends. You know the ones — they're the unofficial beauty bloggers of your group. They have more beauty products in their medicine cabinets than actual medicine. Their shoe organizers are stuffed with nail polishes and makeup sponges. Their "everyday" makeup bag features five different mascaras at minimum. And they can identify anyone's lip shade from at least 50 feet away. So this year, get them something they'll love and use to the very end.

We've partnered with Nordstrom Rack to bring you the ultimate beauty lover's gift guide. There's something for everyone: the one who loves color, the skin-care junkie, and the weekender alike. And if your giftee is a "more is more" kind of person (and has been awfully good this year), you can always get them everything on the list — or just keep some of the gifts for yourself!

Here are this year's must-haves.

Holiday-Scented Products

Seriously, any kind of holiday scent works. Gingerbread, marshmallows, candy canes, pine trees — if there’s a holiday to smell like, it’s this one. Look for soaps, lotions, mists, candles, or any beauty product with a festive aroma.

Classic Eyeshadow Palettes, Always

If variety is your friend’s game, then add to their beauty collection with an eyeshadow palette. It’s a classic tool in any makeup enthusiast’s kit. And even if they only wear one shade down to the tray, they’ll appreciate having the option to wear a dozen others.

On-The-Go Skin Care That Keeps Up

Whether they’re traveling to a far-flung destination or just the gym, your giftees will be covered with a teeny-tiny skin-care set. Plus, who doesn’t love anything that’s miniaturized?

Lip Kits For Mistletoe Smooches

Any beauty lover knows you can never have too many bright lipsticks. Encourage their lip color hoarding with multiple shades they can wear separately, blend together, or layer on for an ombre effect.

Travel Brushes For Your Carry-On Bag

A peek into your friend's carry-on reveals not only highlighters and lash curlers but also micellar water and makeup sponges for every purpose imaginable. "Travel light" is just not in their vocabulary. Lighten their load by gifting beauty tools that are compact and fit neatly into their bag — no full-sized makeup brushes required.

Multitasking Beauty — Because Who Has Time?

Even people with 20-step, hour-long makeup routines feel the stress of the morning rush. That’s where multitasking beauty products come in. Give your friend the ultimate gift with a shortcut product that does double — or even triple — duty.

Fancy Fragrance Sets

We challenge anyone to mist themselves with a beautiful fragrance and not feel instantly better. It’s pretty much impossible. Win the gifting game by giving your friend not just one bottle, but a whole set.

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