These CBD 'Miracle Drops' Will Add Some Calm To Your Coffee This Mercury Retrograde

If you're into astrology, you'll be fully aware that a pretty major astrological occurrence is happening right now. The planet Mercury went into retrograde on March 6, and it is set to last for around three weeks. While many will not find this alarming in the slightest, others could worry about feeling the effects of this planet change. Here's everything you need to know, including some top tips and the beauty products to help calm you during Mercury retrograde.

So what exactly is Mercury retrograde? Well, somewhat confusingly, it is an optical illusion that makes the planet look as if it is moving backwards to us here on Earth. As Susan Miller's Astrology Zone reports, Mercury is the planet that rules expression and communication, therefore astrologers may fear a negative impact on these areas during this period of retrograde.

Astrologers advise avoiding things like making big decisions, especially when it comes to anything involving communications (launching a website or magazine, for examples). Mercury being in retrograde can apparently also lead to things such as fallings out with people, and misunderstandings in communication.

In short, if you believe in the effects of a planet in retrograde, it sounds as though this is a time to lay low. It may also be worth investing in some calming, soothing beauty products to help keep you balanced during these three weeks. Here are my top seven beauty products for mercury retrograde March 2019.