7 Beauty Essentials You'll Want In Your Bag This Winter

Kiko Jimenez / Westend61 / Getty

There's no doubt that winter is the arch nemesis of skin. After months of a gorgeous summer glow, winter comes along and abruptly sucks the life out of your skin leaving it red, patchy, dry, cracked, and chapped. During this period it's important to be armed against the elements and have products on hand to banish the effects of the dropping temperature. Of course every season brings its issues, especially with skin care, but the double whammy of freezing temperatures and soaring central heating is a recipe for disaster. So here are things to keep in your bag throughout winter, because when it's this cold, getting caught out isn't an option.

Guys, sorry for the home truth, but anyone who says they love the cold is straight up lying. Don't @ me. It's miserable, and it's absolute murder on our skincare and beauty regime.

The winter months mean that our skin needs a little more hydration and moisture, but it also needs to be exfoliated at home two to three times per week to remove dead skin and ensure that it can absorb this moisture. There are things to keep in your bag that will help to keep chapped skin at bay like, balms and creams and trust me, they will fast become your staples.