7 Must-Have Beauty Box Subscriptions For Under £10

July Prokopiv/Shutterstock

As lives get busier and busier, the opportunity to receive a curated box full of goodies becomes more and more appealing. There are now food boxes, accessory boxes, and, of course, beauty boxes. While a lot of these are unfortunately rather expensive, there are a few beauty subscription boxes under £10 to take advantage of.

Birchbox is the OG of beauty boxes. Unlike its competitors who have upped their prices, it remains a £10 a month deal, offering some of the best brands on the market. Then there's Mask Time which will take your obsession with Korean beauty to new heights.

Along with traditional skincare and make-up boxes, a number of companies have gone down a more niche route. Friction Free Shaving aims to provide the ultimate shaving experience with heavy-duty razors and various body lotions while Sniph gives you the chance to explore under-the-radar fragrances each and every month.

The best part about all of these beauty box subscriptions is that none of them will set you back more than £10 a month. That's pretty good going considering the number of products that come in each.

So whether you want to create the ultimate relaxing bath or are clamouring to try out everything your favourite beauty blogger recommends, here are some relatively cheap beauty boxes to test out.

Forget Netflix and Amazon Prime. These subscriptions are right up my street.