7 Best Afternoon Delight Positions

When it comes to the best sex positions, it really depends on what you're going for. If you have a couple of hours to kill on a lazy Sunday, it's going to be a different experience than fitting in a quickie after a workout. But it's really time to embrace some afternoon delight, because I think sex in the afternoon is totally underrated.

Having sex in the afternoon is a great way to mix up your day— and your sex life. “Just like eating your favorite meal prepared and served the same exact way every single day, it’s all going to get old fast,” Davia Frost, sex and intimacy coach and founder of Frosted Pleasure tells Bustle. “This is the same thing that happens with sex. We get tired of doing the same thing and want to add or try something new, without the feeling of routine sex. One thing I talk about with my clients which is now my motto, is that it's time to un-mute our desires and discover a whole new depth of pleasure that we seek.”

By having sex at an unusual time of a day and changing up your normal routine, you not give yourself another way to fit sex into a busy schedules. Plus, it feels different and taboo— in the best possible way . Here are the some afternoon delight sex positions to try:


Sofa Brace

Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle

How To Do It: It's almost exactly like doggy, but instead you're bracing your weight on an arm of a sofa. You can use your spare hand to play with your clit— or rest your whole body on the arm of the sofa. Play around and find the best fit.

Why It's Afternoon Delightful: It's an unusual time of day so why not try sex in an unusual place? There's something naughty and indulgent about sex in the middle of your living room in the middle of the day. Plus, it's a great position for deep penetration.


The Bridge

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How To Do It: Start in the missionary position, but then as your partner sits back on their ankles, you rest your feet flat on the bed. While they sit up on their knees, you thrust up your hips, so you're holding a bridge position. It can feel really intense, so you may need to move your feet closer together or further apart to make it work.

Why It's Afternoon Delightful: It's a great view for both of you and it's a twist on missionary, so it's easy to get into. And it's a great butt workout.


The Butterfly

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How To Do It: Work that core. Lay on the edge of the bed and rest your legs on your partner. Then use your legs (and maybe your hands) for leverage as they hold your hips to lift them slightly off the bed.

Why It's Afternoon Delightful: It's challenging, there's a great view for you both, and an opportunity for clit stimulation— what more can you want? Also, it's a great position for an afternoon quickie— you don't even need to get completely undressed.


Three Legged Dog

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How To Do It: Stay close to the wall if you're feeling shaky, but once you get the hang of it you can do it anywhere. Face each other and lift one leg over their hip, while they enter you (lube can really, really help). Don't be afraid to try standing on something if your heights are really mismatched.

Why It's Afternoon Delightful: Nothing says a fleeting afternoon romp like standing up sex, leaning against the wall. Plus, you'll feel like experts if you get it right the first time. If not? Don't worry, practice makes perfect.


Woman On Top

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How To Do It: You straddle them and grind, bob, and have an amazing time. Not only that, you can try it with your partner sitting up against the wall, like you see here, for a more intense and intimate experience.

Why It's Afternoon Delightful: It's all about you being in control and just going for it, so it's a great position for when you just can't keep your hands off them and wait until bedtime.


The Plow

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How To Do It: Start in missionary, but slowly move your legs up over your partner's shoulders. It's an intense position— you may not be able to rest your knees, but just go as far as you can while still being comfortable.

Why It's Afternoon Delightful: Deep penetration, you can play with your clit, and it's an animalistic, sexy position. Perfect for a naughty afternoon.


Weak In The Knees

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How To Do It: One of you lays on your back while the other straddles. You can go for oral or hand play— it's all available. Just make sure you take turns, it's only fair.

Why It's Afternoon Delightful: Sometimes it's all about one— or both— of you just focusing on the task at hand. It's a really hot position and, if you only have a little bit of time, you can use your tongue, hand, vibrator— whatever you need. It's all available.


It's time that afternoon sex gets some more love— take some time to show your partner just how irresistible they are. They'll love that you don't want to wait, trust me.