7 Cheesy Christmas Films On Netflix UK That Will Get You Right In The Festive Mood


We might not even be in December yet, but Christmas is truly around the corner. The John Lewis advert has dropped with a cute dragon that keeps destroying Christmas, you can’t go into the supermarkets without seeing lines of Christmas crackers and chocolates. But really, is it even the festive season without some seriously cheesy Christmas movies?

There’s nothing highbrow or complicated about Christmas films, and that’s what makes them so good – instant gratification. Dodgy storylines, another retelling of how Santa delivers Christmas presents, or an “I-hate-Christmas” character who finds festive joy by the end of the film. You can basically tell the plot just by looking at the movie artwork, but we’re not here for Oscar-worthy films, just for that good old fashioned Christmas spirit.

And Netflix is the place for some of the best corny christmas flicks. With what seems like 50 originals being shot out every second, there is no shortage of Christmas films for the whole family to enjoy. And with so many options it can be a struggle to know what to dig into first. So I’ve picked out some of the best cheesy films they have to offer. From the hopeless romantic, to the magical adventures, here are 7 of the best cheesy Christmas films on Netflix:


'Rise Of The Guardians'

Netflix / Rise Of The Guardian

A magical adventure about Jack frost and all the other festive mythical creatures. They join forces to defeat nightmare-inducing evil spirit Pitch (played by Jude Law). It may be a kids' film, but there’s something in there for everyone. Santa has tattoos, Hugh Jackman plays the Aussie Easter bunny, it's a lot of fun.


'The Knight Before Christmas'

It literally doesn’t get much cheesier than this. 2019 Netflix original sees Vanessa Hudgens taking in a time travelling knight from the 14th century (played by Poldark’s Josh Whitehouse) of course. She thinks he’s got amnesia after running him over in her car, and well I’m sure you can guess the rest.


'You Can’t Fight Christmas'

You Can’t Fight Christmas / Netflix

This made-for-TV film has all the makings of a wonderfully corny "opposites-attract" Christmas love story. A business-minded man and his Scrooge wife are making over his family hotel and plan to do away with all its Christmas traditions. But oh wait, is that a lovely festive-obsessed designer working in the hotel who could change his thoughts on the holiday season?


'This Christmas'

Is it even Christmas without a family reunion that ends in secrets being spilled left, right, and centre? 2007 romantic drama, This Christmas does exactly that when the Whitfield family regroup with the eldest child home for the first time in four years, and there's some secrets bubbling under the surface.


'The Holiday Calendar'

The Holiday Calendar / Netflix

Who doesn’t love a bit of a questionable magical plot in a Christmas movie? Struggling photographer (played by Vampire Diaries' Kat Graham) inherits an advent calendar from her grandfather that predicts the future. And P Diddy's son, Quincy Brown takes on the role of love interest Josh.


'Holiday Rush'

New to Netflix and the cheesy Christmas film canon is Holiday Rush. After being fired from his job as a popular radio DJ, Rush moves in with his Aunt, bringing his four spoiled children with him while he hatches up a plan to return to radio.




Nativity! is definitely a staple British Christmas film. Primary school teacher Paul (played by Martin Freeman) gets caught up in a little white lie when he says a Hollywood producer will be coming along to his school’s nativity play.