The Best Cult Films On Netflix UK That You Should Add To Your List ASAP

by Aoife Hanna
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Deciding on what film to pick of an evening in is dreadfully difficult at times. Yes variety is the spice of life but even if you love things a little on the hot side, it can get too spicy. Which makes deciding what to watch hard AF. You can narrow things down by genre, but maybe life just ain't that simple for you. Maybe you want any kind of a genre but one on the cult-ier side of things? Good news is the best cult films on Netflix are all sorts of genres and about to light up your entertainment life.

Defining what makes a film a cult film is kind of tricky, because frankly they tend to be pretty darn unique. However, according to Rolling Stone, the one unifying factor is a super hooked audience who are always happy to jump in again.

"There's no single way to recognise a cult movie other than the simple fact that it's developed a fiercely devoted audience that watches it over and over, preferably at midnight in a theatre packed with other die-hards."

Yes, these films become their own religions, with devotees who worship at their movie altar. Movies like Rocky Horror Picture Show or Clerks come to mind.

And here are a whole bunch for you to watch, and rewatch, to your heart's content.


'The Princess Bride' — 1987

One of the more romantic of the list, The Princess Bride is about as beloved as you can get.

The comedy romance story of a farmhand who has a whole bunch of barriers between him and his one true love, the princess. He battles bumbling soldiers, his own living situation, and of course an evil prince. All in the name of true love.

Lots of LOLs and super quotable.

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'From Dusk Till Dawn' — 1996

One of Tarantino's true masterpieces according to die hard fans, this film is a vampire movie with a bit of a twist.

So when I say vampires, you can get Twilight right out of your damn mind because these vampires are not cute.

It's all about two criminals who kidnap a family and head for the Mexican border. Taking refuge in a cantina they quickly discover they are royally screwed, because this cantina seems to be a hangout for some of the gnarliest vampires you've ever seen. And they have to survive, from dusk till dawn.

Special props for being the first script Tarantino was ever paid to write.

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'Mars Attacks' — 1996

One of Tim Burton's greatest triumphs, this comedy scifi adventure has it all and then some.

Telling the story of, well, Mars attacking the planet earth this film is not only entertaining in terms of production and comedy value. It also has one of those casts where it feels like every two seconds you're gasping and shouting the names of the stars which may be antisocial but hey, this is your Netflix account go wild.

The likes of Jack Nicholson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Glenn Close, Danny Devito, and even Tom actual Jones are among the stars in this film. I know right?

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'Wet Hot Summer' — 2001

Another film which stars a ridonkulous number of household names. This comedy hit went relatively under the radar when it was released.

It's all about a summer camp in 1981 America and the ups and downs of its campers and camp helpers on the last day of camp.

Honestly this is one of the funniest films you might not have seen and is silly and raucous from start to finish. Stars like Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper, Janeane Garafalo , and Paul Rudd make for some sterling comedy performances.

One for those in search of giggles.

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'Caddyshack' — 1980

Caddyshack is one of those films that you can watch several times over a weekend and still be laughing start to finish.

Starring Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, and Bill Murray it's the story of a Bushwood Country Club, its members, and those who work on it.

Special props for having one of the worst attempts ever at an Irish accent from secondary character Maggie.

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'Johnny Guitar' — 1954

A rarely seen female-led western considering the time. All about a fiery, feisty saloon owner Vienna who loves too much. Even stranger still, this film is a psychological western. A genre never to be repeated and guys, thank goodness for that because this film is truly one of a kind.

Vienna is waiting for the money that will come when the railway arrives in her town. In the meantime, while waiting for the new clientele, her old lover Johnny Guitar turns up.

With him he brings a mob after his guts, owing to his alleged criminal activity.

Crawford is in her element in this film, as the super intense Vienna. This film is decidedly strange and for that, we love it.

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'Blue Velvet' — 1986

David Lynch's masterpiece Blue Velvet is a whole load of psychological thriller deliciousness.

Jeffrey heads home to help out after his father takes ill. All is ticking over fine and well until he finds a severed ear on a piece of waste ground. He teams up with Sandy who's the teenage daughter of a local police detective.

The pair embark on their own amateur investigation which leads them to the flat of an exotic cabaret performer, Dorothy. After finding out about her relationship with a local thug called Frank the pair begin to believe Frank is behind the murder.

All of this strangeness, the mystery of the severed ear, and of course forbidden lust makes for a heck of a movie.

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