7 Best Headphones Under £50, Because Good Bass Needn't Break The Bank

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I have to admit, I sometimes feel a little bit envious of people with Beats headphones hanging around their neck. To me at least, it seems like anyone who owns Beats must have their life in control. They're the kind of people who actually go to the gym and look good while they're doing it. But the most exercise I do is walking to and from my fridge — and usually wearing headphones that definitely didn't cost a week's wages. Luckily I'm here to lend you a helping hand — I've selected some of the best headphones under £50 that'll give you both style and substance.

Although certain headphones might look impressive at the gym or out and about, that doesn't always mean they're worth splashing out on. Why fork out hundreds when you could have potentially paid a lot less for a similar quality? After all, when you listen to your favourite musicians, you want to be sure you're catching every beat, texture, colour, nuance, so that you can love them to your fullest. And despite what you might think, you can get that super immersive and high quality sonic experience without spending a fortune. Here are seven high-quality options that'll help you do just that.

1Marshall Major II On-Ear Headphones

Marshall Major II On-Ear Headphones


Marshall headphones would usually fall outside of the £50 budget, but Selfridges have generously shaved off over £30 from the original price of this sleek black pair. That's great news, because not only are they nice to look at (the design is closely modelled on the famous Marshall amp, giving these headphones a unique edge), they also sound really good. Bass notes punch hard and low, and the highs sound clear and defined. These are especially suitable if you're into hard rock and metal.

2Rock Jaw Alfa Genus V2

Rock Jaw Alfa Genus V2

Rock Jaw

If you prefer in-ear headphones rather than over the ear, then these could be the ones for you. You might not be familiar with Rock Jaw, but the London-based brand really knows its stuff. And with these headphones in particular, it really shows. They produce a very well-rounded sound, with sonic clarity from top to bottom. Music even sounds brighter, so there's never a dull moment.

3Philips SHB3075 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Philips SHB3075 Wireless On-Ear Headphones


When it comes to sound design, you can always put your faith in Philips. This model is one of their cheaper options, but it should impress even the biggest sonic snobs. It's a great price for wireless sound, meaning that you can actually concentrate on the music rather than trying to untangle cables. They're designed to give an extra oomph to bass notes, and wearing these will make you feel like you're up in the club. If you're into dance music, these are the ones for you.

4Audio-Technica ATH-M20X Professional Monitor Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M20X Professional Monitor Headphones


As its namesake suggests, this model gives you a taste of professional sound design, without making too much of a dent in your bank balance. You'll be transported into a world of your own, thanks to the excellent sound isolation. They're also beautifully cushioned, so they snuggle up to your ears, giving you an ultra-comfortable listening experience. They're not the most portable option and, as they're prone to slip off, might not be the best for the gym, but the sound quality is good enough to still make them a real contender.

5Final E3000 In-Ear Isolating Earphone

Final E3000 In-Ear Isolating Earphone


The Final E3000 provide a super satisfying listening experience. For such small things, they boast a huge soundscape. They bring each song to life, making you feel like you could almost be in the studio with the artists themselves. Electronic songs seem to be these headphones' specialty, and you'll be able to hear every single bleep. Noise isolation is fairly average on these, so will shut out the sound of an office environment but won't completely cancel the noise on your commute there.

6Dynamic On Stage In Ear Monitors

Dynamic On Stage In Ear Monitors

Mobile Fun

These are the ones you want to take to the gym. They're super lightweight but will still stay in place when you're really going for it on the treadmill. And as the sound on this model really packs a punch, they're bound to boost your performance. Vocals in particular sound extra defined, and each note is lifted and crystal clear. They were made with stage performers in mind, so you can definitely count on them in less musical settings.

7Koss Porta Pro Stereophones

Koss Porta Pro Stereophones


Here's something a little different. This model's gone through several refinements since it was unveiled in the '80s. It mixes a bit of an in-ear and over-ear design, making it feel feather-light while wearing. And the sound is exceptional. The bass sounds extra punchy, while mid and high range notes sound so detailed it's almost a 3D listening experience. However, they don't work so well in noisy environments. The sound isolation is minimal, so unfortunately they won't be able to drown out the sound of your noisy colleague.

With these 7, you're guaranteed good quality listening without breaking the bank.