Th Best Position For Vacation Sex

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If there's ever a time to try a new sex position or technique in the bedroom, it's vacation. It's something about hotel beds — I don't think I've ever waited more than eight minutes after checking in to hop in the sack. And vacations are great because you're feeling less stressed, you have more time to play around, and you're just generally more open. Plus, the crisp sheets and fluffy towels just do something to me, I'll never understand it.

It's especially good if you feel like you've been hitting a bit of a sex rut. “A relationship is like a bicycle, when one of the wheels is flat, it will still go, but not well," Eric Marlowe Garrison, sex and relationship counselor, and author of the book Mastering Multiple Position Sex, tells Bustle. "Even if only one partner is in that sex rut, it's going to affect the relationship sexually. When you need something that your partner doesn’t need, it's difficult to understand why they don't need it.”

Having enough time to reconnect is a great way to reinvigorate your sex life. And if you've got a routine down already, it can get even better. "Taking sex out of the dull and routine setting such as one's bedroom at home, creates a new scenario, which is a very positive stimulus for the brain," Dr. Svetlana Kogan, life coach and holistic mind-body doctor tells Bustle. "In response, the body secretes more endorphins, adrenaline, and dopamine to this new adventurous setting."

So here are seven sex positions to try on vacation, because practice really does make perfect:


In A Chair

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How To Do It: Have your partner sit in a chair — or a sofa, whatever is available in your room — while you slowly straddle them and lower yourself down. It's great to get the face-to-face eye contact, but you can also mix it up by facing away.

Why It's Vacation-Ready: Because you're on vacation and you can have sex wherever you damn well please. It's a sexy position with room for clit play and the ability to move around.


Coital Alignment Technique

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How To Do It: It's like traditional missionary but with your partner's pelvis slightly higher than normal, you lift your legs and wrap them around their hips — making it super deep.

Why It's Vacation-Ready: It's a great position for orgasm and you have an intense connection, so you're vacation romp can really go the distance.


Woman On Top

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How To Do It: Your partner lays on their back while you straddle them and lower yourself down. This position is about what you want, so lean forward or back, bring some clit play into it — whatever works.

Why It's Vacation-Ready: You're on vacation, so you should let loose! Not only that, it'll let you have sex on the beach without getting covered in sand... well, not too covered.


Missionary With Vibrator

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How To Do It: Bring a toy into the classic missionary position. A vibrating cock ring is easy and gives you both an extra boost, but you can try other vibrators or toys if you prefer.

Why It's Vacation-Ready: If you've been wanting to try a vibrator, a vacation is the perfect time to kick things up a notch. A little cock ring is a cheap way to dip your toe in the water, with some amazing clit stimulation for you.



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How To Do It: Both of you lay on your sides facing each other. Keep your hips slightly above your partner's and lift one leg up and over their hip, slowly pulling them toward you.

Why It's Vacation-Ready: While vacation is a time to go a bit wild, it's also a great time to reconnect with your partner. You get intimacy, eye-contact, and deep penetration.


Kneeling Reach Around

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How To Do It: With one partner on all fours and the other kneeling behind, you can both use your hands for fingering and clit play — and a vibrator can make it all the more intense.

Why It's Vacation-Ready: A great option for lesbian couples — or try reaching around in doggy style for a hetero option. It's deep, animalistic, but you're still working as a team.



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How To Do It: Carefully and slowly, especially if you and your partner aren't used to sex standing up. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, then slowly lean over as your partner enters you from behind, using your hips to stabilize. Staying close to a wall can help, and so can lube.

Why It's Vacation-Ready: Because vacation is YOLO time and this is a YOLO position. Plus, if it goes wrong you'll have plenty of opportunities to try again.

Sex on vacation should be fun, intense, but still intimate. So use it as a time to play around. If it goes wrong, then what happens on vacation stays on vacation.