7 Sex Positions Inspired By The Winter Olympics

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With the 2018 Winter Olympics finally here, it's time to get ready to tune in to the games. We all have different ways of getting excited for the Olympics — maybe you're watching the Winter Games with friends, maybe you're going to a themed party. Maybe you're just tuning in for your favorite sport (ice skating) and skipping the others (curling). Or maybe, just maybe, you want to spend the entire time having a lot of sex. That works too.

Because we all know that after the games comes the rampant sex in Olympic Village, right? It's basically like a horny, athletic free-for-all. And there's no reason you shouldn't embrace that spirit, too. It's the perfect excuse to show off your athleticism (or non-athleticism) with some Olympic-themed sex positions. Ranging from a relaxing warm up to really going for gold, there are plenty of positions that will make you feel like you're at the top of the podium accepting your gold medal.

And even though every Olympics is perfect for sex, this year's is even better. Why? Well, the slogan for the 2018 PyeongChang Games is (I kid you not): "Passion. Connected." They're basically begging you to have sex. Right?

So if you want to get into the Olympic spirit, here are some Olympics-inspired positions that can get you in the mood.


The Warm Up

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How To Do It: Start with classic missionary position, then have your partner sit back on their heels while you lift one leg up. Rest it on their chest, finding an angle that feels comfortable for both of you.

Why It's Olympic-Worthy: Every athlete knows the importance of a warm up. Use this to get you all stretched out and limbered up.


The Bobsled

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How To Do It: Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme... aka get into the spooning position.

Why It's Olympic-Worthy: Sex is a team sport — and this is as close and cozy as you can get with your teammate. It'll help you stay warm and you can get great G-spot stimulation and clit play out of it too.


The Alpine Skier

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How To Do It: Think of your legs like those ski gates — it's going to be close. Push your feet on the floor and lift your butt into the sky (work those glutes) as your partner raises up to their knees.

Why It's Olympic-Worthy: It's an Olympic-level workout for your butt muscles — and let's you get a really sexy view of each other while you go the distance.


The Speed Skater

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How To Do It: Lay on the bed and have your partner stand toward your feet, while you lift up your legs and rest them on their chest. Cross at the ankles (or knees if that's more comfortable), to get a really snug fit.

Why It's Olympic-Worthy: Because with this tight of a fit, your partner is going to be racing toward the finish. And with the right clit play, you might be too.


Top Of The Podium

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How To Do It: Stand facing away from your partner, legs slightly apart. Lean over while your partner enters you from behind. If you have a really big height difference, don't sweat it — just try standing on something stable.

Why It's Olympic-Worthy: You can both feel like you've won the gold with this sex position — if you get it right. Make sure to do it near something soft, just in case you don't. Remember, practice makes perfect.


Olympic Rings

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How To Do It: While your partner sits cross-legged on the bed, lower down so you're in their lap, guiding them inside you. When you're comfortable, wrap your legs and arms around them for a tighter fit.

Why It's Olympic-Worthy: Wrapped up like two Olympic rings, it's a intimate position that feels great — all while celebrating the spirit of togetherness.


The Cool Down

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How To Do It: They lie on one side while you lay on your back, perpendicular to them. Shimmy toward them, hooking your knees over their hips.

Why It's Olympic-Worthy: Phew. You've done the hard work, so enjoy this cool down position where you can just bask in each other's glory. It may take a second to get the fit right, but then you both can lay back and enjoy. You've earned it.

The 2018 Winter Olympics are here, so let's celebrate them the way that the athletes would really want us to — with lots and lots of sex.