7 Compact Yet Spacious Bags That Are Absolutely Ideal For Your Next City Break

Stocksy / Manu Prats

Whether you're heading to Budapest or Barcelona on your next trip, one thing is certain, you'll need a handbag to accompany you. And luggage restrictions usually make taking more than one a bit of a no no. So here are the best bags for city breaks that should take you from the airport to all the major attractions and back again.

Packing is an arduous task, that's for sure, but perhaps an even harder task is finding a small city break bag. But this isn't just any bag, this is a bag that has to fit in all the essentials: your purse, phone, sunglasses, lip balm, SPF, maybe even a small bottle of water. Finding a bag that houses all these things and does so neatly so you don't have to fumble around, is no simple task. But the list of requirements doesn't stop there — this bag must seamlessly take you from seeing the sights throughout the day, to heading out to a restaurant or bar in the evening. It can take years to find a bag that can do all that. So I'm here to lend you a helping hand. Find seven spectacular city break options below.

So now there really is no excuse to lug an entire bag wardrobe around with you the next time you set off for a city break. These seven styles will keep your stuff safe and organised and leave your hands free to check the map, take plenty of photos, and eat lots of treats.