7 Books That Celebrate History's Forgotten Women, Because Their Names Deserve To Be Known


Think back to your schooldays. In your history lessons, do you remember ever reading about women? I don't mean in terms of their family roles, but in terms of their careers. I'm ashamed to say the only name that comes to my mind is Florence Nightingale. But I, and you, shouldn't be ashamed because it's not our fault that textbooks and teachers failed to mention women's achievements. This pattern, however, doesn't have to last any longer, because there's now a plethora of books about the forgotten women of history.

Half of the world's population is evidently not a trend, but it's only recently that publishers have given the nod to the numerous authors longing to cast a spotlight on women they've read about in newspaper clippings or heard about in family conversations. Now you can read about female mathematicians, scientists, doctors, sports stars, and revolutionaries that made the world a better place.

Unfortunately, education is still lacking a gender-equal approach. As Fast Company reports, less than 11 percent of history textbook references "are devoted to specific women." But the more people read books like the ones listed below, the more pressure there will be for a major overhaul of school curriculums.

Here's just a few to get you started.