All The Proof That Padlock Necklaces Are The Perfect Starting Style For Layering

Chained + Able

I'll be honest; when I first saw that padlock necklaces were starting to become cool again, I got a little nervous. Padlocks for me are associated with my teenage years, meaning they have a distinct juvenile vibe to them. Feel the same? Well, it's time to re-think your stance on them, because modern padlock necklaces are nothing but chic and sophisticated these days. In fact, they are the perfect type of necklace to layer up with other cool chains.

Learning how to layer your necklaces can actually be harder than it looks; the goal is to make them look 'just thrown on,' and yet, it takes a lot of careful curation. Length, colour, and style all come into play. If you're finding it especially tough to get it right, give a padlock necklace a go. They act as great starting points for layering, and usually only require one or two other chains or pendants to look fantastic.

If wearing multiple chains isn't your thing, padlocks are brilliant standout pieces to be worn alone, also. For this reason, you'll really get your money's worth after investing in one. Fear not though; you can literally pick one up for as little as £6. My favourite seven designs out there right now include some super affordable buys, as well as some larger investment pieces.

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