7 Comet Moments From 'Full House' That Prove He’s The Best Sitcom Dog Of The ‘90s

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Full House was, as its title implied, a sitcom with a very large cast. With Danny, D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle Tanner; Jesse, Becky, Alex, and Nicky Katsopolis; and Joey Gladstone all living under one roof, the show featured a very full house indeed. And yet, not one of those aforementioned people was the show's most important character. That distinction goes to the Tanner family dog, Comet. Comet was a golden retriever who didn't make his debut until the show's third season, which is hard to believe because there are so many great Comet moments from Full House that make it seem like he was there from the start.

The pup first appeared in the seventh episode of Season 3, "And They Call It Puppy Love," and remained with the family until the series ended with Season 8's two-part finale, "Michelle Rides Again." He was introduced to the family after a pregnant dog named Minnie wandered into the Tanners' backyard and gave birth to a litter of puppies. When Minnie's owner showed up looking to claim his dog, he allowed the family to keep one of the pups, and Michelle chose the one who would soon be named Comet. After that, the pooch shared many adventures with the family, but the seven moments listed below really stand out.


When He Sits For Michelle But Not Jesse

Jesse tries to be the Alpha male with Comet while he was still a puppy, forcefully telling him to sit to no avail. But Michelle, who's like four years old at the time, says you have to be nice to the dog in order for it to do what you want. She tells Comet to sit in a friendly voice, and he immediately obeys. Take that, macho nonsense.


When He Gets His Own Birthday Party

It takes a special dog to have his own birthday party, let alone one with all the coolest dogs in the neighborhood in attendance, like Bobo, Winky, Sparky, Zha Zha, and Jaws. But Comet is a special dog, as evidenced by the fact that he blows out the candle on his cake — even after Danny says he's incapable of doing so.


When He Gives Danny A Goodnight Kiss

After Comet is tucked in by Michelle, Danny enters her room intending to tuck in his daughter. But when he pulls back the covers expecting to receive a goodnight kiss from Michelle, he instead receives a slobbery welcoming from her dog. Classic Comet.


When He Shows Off His Impression Skills

With a little help from Joey, Comet shows he's just as good of a celebrity impressionist as his uncle with his spot-on mimicry of Stevie Wonder, Elvis Presley, and Spock.


When He Transforms Into Air Bud

Buddy the Wonderdog, known for his starring role in the film Air Bud, guest-starred as Comet in the episode "Air Jesse," where he shows off some of his incredible skills.


When He Talks

OK, he doesn't actually talk since this scene takes place during a dream sequence, but it's still great. In the scene, D.J. has a nightmare about the SATs where she learns she'll have to attend clown college, and Comet — with a human voice — thanks Danny after he's offered D.J.'s room when she leaves.


When He Goes On An Excellent Adventure

The Season 8 episode "Comet's Excellent Adventure" completely revolves around the dog after he runs away from home while chasing a hot dog-adorned car and ends up falling in love with a collie. The whole endeavor is pretty charming, and really serves as evidence that Comet deserved his own spinoff!

Full House just wouldn't have been the same without Comet, the most legendary of all '90s sitcom dogs.