7 Dog Training Apps For New Pup Parents

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While dogs are humankind's best friend, they can sometimes cause a little trouble when it comes to being on their best behavior. Yes, to be a pet owner often includes cleaning up indoor "mistakes", replacing chewed up sneakers, and trying in vain to get them to stop barking at the sound of a creaking door. It's hard work, but thanks to modern technology, my friends, the best dog training apps can legit teach you all about getting your pups in line. In the comfort of your own yard!

And in case you're wondering how long the whole dog-training thing takes, it really depends on your dog, and how consistent you are with your new boundaries and commands. According to The Dog People at, since it does vary, a few good strategies to starting the process include getting everyone in your household on board, and recognizing that you can kinda only go as fast as your dog can pick up on new information. But with a stick-to-it attitude and some guidance, you'll be saying "good dog!" in no time.

Below, check out some apps that can help you on the road to training your pooch how to be on its best behavior.



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Dogo is a daily trainer that has over 60 tricks and exercises, and you can even contact professional trainers via the app to get some advice with your naughty pups. You can also participate in challenges with other app users!



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Is yours the kind of dog who goes bark-wild every time they hear a noise? Well, there's an app for that.

TrainAway is designed to prevent "negative" reactions to sound. Pet owners can choose all kinds of pre-recorded sounds like thunder and footsteps, and the app guides you through how to teach your dog to stay calm throughout.



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Puppr is an easy to follow app taught by a celebrity dog trainer named Sara Carson and her Instafamous collies. Reviews say this one is basically like having a dog trainer in your living room!

Puppr also includes a clicker for positive reinforcement.


Puppy Coach 101

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Got a new addition to the fam? Puppy Coach 101 is particularly geared towards new puppy owners, because, cute as those little suckers can be, they are a handful!

This app gets you onto the basics of training quickly, like teaching your dog "no" and provides easy learning tools and references. That pup is going to be a pro in no time.


Petsafe SmartDog Trainer

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This app, Petsafe SmartDog Trainer, comes along with a collar, that works through tones, vibrations, and small electric pulses. You can train your dog from a distance with this one, up to 70 feet! It comes in handy when you see little Baxter digging up the flowerbeds again.


Social Puppy

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Social Puppy has a focus on "positive reinforcement and socialization." But it also offers different types of challenges for engaging dog training, and says that you and your pooch can conquer this stuff in 12 weeks! Not bad, right?


Dog Tricks & Bark Machine

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Woof! Dog Tricks & Bark Machine has a whole library of tips to teach both positive behaviors and new tricks. It also tackles some of those less-than-ideal behaviors, like barking and jumping up on friends as a greeting.

While it might be a big project, training your darling furry friend doesn't have to be painful. And having tips literally at your fingertips makes the process a whole lot more fun.