7-Eleven Is Now Making Its Iconic Cherry Slurpee In Sugar Cookie Form

by Isami McCowan

Two worlds are colliding. You know those convenience store sugar cookies that everyone either loves or hates (there's absolutely no in between). They're the ones with the crumbly sugar cookie bottom and have colorful frosting and rainbow sprinkles on top (that you make a trip to the grocery store to get at 2 AM thinking you're just going to eat one and then ten minutes later you're staring at an empty plastic box--definitely not based on a true personal experience). Apparently, they're officially known as lofthouse cookies. Well, 7-Eleven, home of the Slurpee, is combining the iconic frozen drink with those famous cookies, creating a 7-Eleven Cherry Slurpee sugar cookie of your dreams.

No, they're not drizzling Slurpees on top of the cookies to create an interesting, albeit terribly messy treat. They're replacing the classic lofthouse cookie icing with signature Cherry Slurpee flavored frosting — and it looks strangely delicious. First spotted by Instagram account @junkfoodmom and confirmed to Bustle by 7-Eleven, these cookies will only be available in stores for a limited time, so get your hands on a box as soon as you can. Even if you're not a die-hard lofthouse cookie fan, you can't not be curious to see what a Slurpee-flavored cookie tastes like. I definitely am.

So far, it looks like cherry is the only Slurpee lofthouse cookie flavor available at 7-Eleven — I'm sure fans wouldn't mind seeing a Blue Raspberry rendition, or even Coke if you're feeling edgy. These might be the perfect fix on a day where you're craving a Slurpee but don't want the brain freeze that comes with it, or if you just want an excuse to feast on the iconic sugar cookies.

As you may or may not know, Twitter got into a pretty heated debate over this variety sugar cookie last year. It all started with this tweet:

Somehow, with almost 20,000 responses, it became one of the most divisive Twitter controversies of the year — people feel really strongly about these cookies.

The argument was never really resolved, since it seems like people are pretty much split over whether the cookies are gross or a total godsend. That makes me truly curious about how the world will react to Slurpee-flavored lofthouse cookies — could the conversation revive itself and get a hundred times stronger? I guess we'll have to wait and see. Until then, it might be worth it to try one of the Cherry Slurpee cookies and see if you'd fight on the affirmative or negative side of the dispute. A debate this passionate could prepare you to run for public office.

On top of the limited edition Cherry Slurpee lofthouse cookies, 7-Eleven has recently released two new flavors of the frozen drink: Cap'n Crunch Berries and Mandarin Jarritos. If the general consensus ends up being that the Slurpee cookies are a hit, we might even see other classic flavors (or even these new ones) get cookie-fied in the future. I for one am curious, excited, and a little scared to see what comes next (and, of course, how the Internet reacts to it).