The Cap'n Crunch Berries Slurpee At 7-Eleven Just Turned Your Fave Childhood Cereal Into Ice


In our youth, there was nothing quite like a giant bowl of Cap'n Crunch to start the morning off right. After school, we'd cool down with a 7-Eleven Slurpee, and it's a wonder our teeth didn't rot out of our heads. The convenience store giant must have gotten the itch to try something new, because for a limited time only, 7-Eleven is serving a Cap'n Crunch Berries Slurpee, according to the Slurpee Twitter page, and your tastebuds aren't ready for this. Mine aren't either.

Summer is all about fresh fruit and fancy drinks — I'm looking at you, rosé and Simpler Wines and hemp milk alcohol — so it makes sense 7-Eleven decided to think outside the [cereal] box and combine the fruity magic of Cap'n Crunch with their ironic slushy drink. It sounds totally refreshing and definitely counts as a fruit serving, and I really, really hope it turns the inside of my mouth blue, because that would make for some excellent Instagram pictures.

You can find the Cap'n Crunch Berries Slurpee at participating 7-Eleven locations nationwide, but it won't be around forever, so grab it now and bask in its sweet, delicious fruitiness before it's gone and we have to go back to drinking regular Slurpees (which are still delicious).

Also, I need one of those shirts.

7-Eleven is really stepping up its game lately. It's no longer the place you go just to pick up a bag of Cheetos and a Coke, although those are always good options. (Orange fingers, for the win!) These days, they're keeping up with the crowd of young folk constantly on the hunt for something unique and innovative that also photographs well for social media. Exhibit A: their new-ish cold brew iced coffee, which they introduced around a month ago. Slow steeped and chilled, it's the perfect drink to grab on the way to work or for the midday pick-me-up.

And that's not all. Who could forget Fizzics — 7-Eleven's self-chilling sparkling cold brew coffee that turns cold when you twist the bottom of the can? Science! It ended up being the first self-chilling can sold to the public, meaning 7-Eleven doesn't just have really good taquitos. They're also, like, totally revolutionary.

7-Eleven also got creative last year, when they started trial testing Soylent, a meal replacement drink, at some of their Los Angeles locations. And let's talk about the tater tot bar, which forever changed the way we eat potatoes as we know it. Don't let anyone tell you tots taste the same as other potatoes. They're not the same.

They're not the same!

Then there was that time 7-Eleven introduced their delivery app, which meant you could have your taquitos and Slurpees delivered straight to your door, because really, what's the point of putting a bra on and driving somewhere? You couldn't pay them to feed it to you, though. I already tried asking.

7-Eleven is so good, even the Dalai Lama shops there every now and again. Hey, His Holiness needs to satisfy his Slurpee cravings, too. If that doesn't tell you how amazing the convenience store chain is...

While 7-Eleven certainly receives brownie points for staying hip and trendy (and also reminding us of Cap'n Crunch-filled days of yore — *sigh*), they don't have much of a choice, if they want to keep people coming through the door. The beverage industry has taken a turn for the awesome, and this summer, some of us might be kicking back with Nauti's Rose Seltzer, an endless supply of rosé-flavored drinks, and even nitro hemp oil cold brew coffee.

We're not drinking water anymore, and the bev biz is just trying to keep up.

Don't delay. Grab a Cap'n Crunch Slurpee before they leave us.