7-Eleven Quietly Launched A New Slurpee Flavor & People Are Already Obsessed

by Isami McCowan

With 7-Eleven's Free Slurpee Day having just passed about a week ago, I can't help that the ice-cold treat is still on my mind. The company has been branching out in terms of the flavors available in the popular convenience store, with the fruity, childhood-reminiscent Cap'n Crunch Berries Slurpee debuting just recently (although classic flavors like Blue Raspberry and Coca-Cola will always have a special place in our hearts). Now, Slurpee has upped their game yet again with another all-new flavor that has fans going crazy: the Jarritos Mandarin Slurpee. The treat's taste is based on the super-popular soft drink brand from Mexico — Jarritos — that is known for its delicious, fruit-flavored drinks.

Currently, select 7-Eleven locations are offering the all-new Mandarin Jarritos Slurpee, a tangy, sweet flavor that is one of the brand's most popular options. Jarritos recently took to Instagram to announce that the "deliciously refreshing fruity flavor" has officially become a Slurpee and hit 7-Eleven stores across the country. In response to a fan asking where they could find the highly anticipated drink, Jarritos explained that the new Slurpee flavor is available at 7-Eleven stores in California, Florida, Texas, Colorado, Washington D.C., Arizona, Las Vegas, and areas in the Pacific Northwest.

Not surprisingly, the Mandarin Jarritos Slurpee has already become a huge hit among fans throughout the nation. It's been around at 7-Eleven for a few months now, and people can't seem to get enough. Honestly, who can blame them? I'm long overdue to get a taste.

Sounds about right.

Three words, 23 letters. Say it and I'm yours.

Okay, I'm on my way to 7-Eleven right now.

Reddit user derricko31 called the Mandarin Jarritos Slurpee "rather delightful" and an "absolute game changer," while others imagined the amazing combination flavors that they could create if they mixed the new flavors with others at 7-Eleven. "We are evolving at last," another user commented. I mean, if this Slurpee isn't culinary innovation, I don't know what is. Commenters on Jarritos' Instagram announcement have made it clear that they're dying to see more of the soft drink brand's beloved flavors get Slurpee-fied. Tamarindo, flavored with real pulp from tamarind pods and 100% real sugar, Pineapple, and Mango are other delicious Jarritos flavors that honestly and truly deserve to become 7-Eleven's next Slurpee flavor arrivals.

Hopefully, you live in one of the areas that already has Mandarin Jarritos Slurpees in the machines at 7-Eleven--but if not, let's hope that the flavor being such a hit means that they'll come to destinations in even more locations around the country (and honestly, the world in general). What better way to get through a sweltering hot summer day?

Youtube couple Thania and Jose posted a video on their channel, SubCulture Recall, in which they drove to a 7-Eleven in Phoenix, Arizona in hopes of finding the Jarritos Slurpee. After spotting the flavor at the first location they went to, they excitedly took their first sips--and it seemed like it was worth the hype. "It's like you're drinking a frozen Jarrito," Thania commented. "This is my favorite Slurpee," she added, giving it a glowing rating of 5-out-of-5 Jarritos. The couple noted that they're big fans of Jarritos, so if you were on the fence before, it's been confirmed that the Slurpee is officially longtime Jarritos fan-approved.

It's time to make your summer a little sweeter (and tastier) — head over to your local 7-Eleven and, if you're lucky, you'll be driving home with an ice-cold Mandarin Jarritos Slurpee in hand. This popular, all new flavor is definitely not one to miss out on anytime soon.