7 Erogenous Zones You Didn't Know You Had, According To Experts

Ashley Batz/Bustle

Everyone's body is different, which means that when it comes to what arouses us during sex, it can vary a lot from person to person. While there are some parts of the body that are pretty much universally regarded as "sexy" — like breasts, butts, and genitals — there are also plenty of unexpected erogenous zones that deserve way more credit than they get. But what exactly qualifies something as an erogenous zone?

"Erogenous zones are areas on the body with heightened sensitivity, most prone to generating sexual arousal," Kristin Casey, author and intimacy coach, tells Bustle. "One of the best ways to discover and explore erogenous zones is through body mapping (also called arousal mapping). It's done by taking turns with your partner (so that one person is actively touching the other, who remains passive until it's their turn) to stimulate their body from head to toe, in a way that's mindful, deliberate, and comprehensive."

If you want to figure out what parts of your body are the most erogenous for you, the best way is through trial and error. Here are seven unexpected erogenous zones that you'll want to start paying way more attention to during sex, according to experts.