Aldi Is Selling Heart-Shaped Chicken Nuggets For Valentine's Day 2020


Like it or lump it, Valentine's day is fast approaching and everywhere you go there are cards, hearts, silly teddies, and a whole bunch of corniness. Even those opposed to festive annual events will admit that the food side of things is the silver lining to it all. Seasonal treats to get you through all those obligations. These heart shaped foods are just the ticket for those keen to celebrate or commiserate over the lovey dovey period.

Although slightly on the naff side, the annual celebration of all things romantic is believed by some historians to have surprising historical roots. As Bustle reports, way back when, the Romans used to celebrate Lupercalia which was a festival to encourage fertility and appease the gods. During these festivities there would be a plethora of hedonistic behaviours like sacrificing animals, getting naked, and (to put it politely) getting jiggy with it.

So why not be more Roman (apart from the sacrificing stuff, please don't do that) and go for a hedonistic Valentine's that's all parties, sex, fun times, and delicious food. Whether all of the above are with another, with a group, or on your tod (no judgement) — here's a list of heart shaped foods that will make your Lupercalia super.

Aldi Heart Shaped Nuggets

Look I don't eat meat so this wouldn't be for me, but I'll bet there are some nugget fans out there who're about to lose it over these romantic chicken bites. Grab them in store for £1.99 while you can.


If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times. Oh my Godminster. This organic vintage cheddar is utterly delicious and available all year round. Definitely the best cheddar I've ever eaten and perfect for those who love all things cheesy.

Personalised Valentine's Love Hearts

I'm sorry but how cute are these? Not only are they a very affordable option for Valentine's day but anything with your name on it is super special. A classic sweet and sure to impress whoever you've bought them for. Even if it's just yourself.

Heart Shaped Teabags

Be still my beating tea-obsessed heart. These are the one aren't they? Not only cute but also an ideal winter warmer and a healthy option for those conscious of such things.

Orgran Vegan Free-From Shortbreads

What's sexier than being sensitive and considerate of someone's dietary requirements? I agree, nothing.

Heart Shaped Waffles
Wicked Kitchen Heart Shaped Brownie

Another vegan option, available from Feb 2 until Feb 16. Deliciously gooey and vegan friendly. Not that non vegans are likely to even notice the difference.