7 Last-Minute Holiday Gifts For Parents That You Can Split With Your Siblings


Buying holiday gifts for your parents (or anyone, honestly) isn't easy, especially since the hardest people to shop for tend to say they don't even want anything. And sometimes you do have the perfect gift idea for your mom or dad in mind — but it's about $500 or more and there's no way you're spending that. If you can't afford what you really want to give them, or are feeling completely uncreative and don't want to give them socks again, one solution is to team up with your siblings, whether you're buying for one parent or two.

Splitting a holiday gift for your parent(s) with your siblings not only lets you put two or three (or more) heads together to get them something meaningful, but you can finally go for that big-ticket item they've always wanted — without spending a total fortune.

From concert tickets the whole family can go to together to a crafting printer that's perfect for scrapbooking and making greeting cards to an at-home spin bike that lets them workout whenever they want in the comfort of their own home, below are seven holiday gift ideas for parents that you can easily split with your siblings.


Concert Tickets

Their favorite band coming to town soon? Get concert tickets for just your parents — or the whole family — to see their favorite artist live.


All-in-One Crafting Printer

This all-in-one wireless printer from Canon is perfect for parents who love to scrapbook. They can print 12’’x12’’ borderless prints, greeting cards, and use built-in printable patterns.


Google Home Hub

Google Home Hub is perfect for the parent who's always on the go but wants to stay connected. The devices fits on the kitchen counter or nightstand, and is the ideal size for YouTube videos — which will definitely make following recipes easier.

They can share photos with family and friends using Live Albums, a feature that works with Google Photos. The device also lets you control the lights and plugs around the house.


Kitchenaid Custom Metallic® Series 5 Quart Stand Mixer

When you're splitting a gift with your siblings, you can finally give the parent who loves to cook and upgrade on their kitchenware.


Fly On Demand

For the parents that want to exercise — but never have the time or motivation to do it on their own — Flywheel's at-home bike lets them stream live or on demand classes and on or off-bike precision training.

While it's a pricey gift, at $1,699, you and your siblings can choose a financing plan, for as low as $121/month, for 24 months.


LG V40 Thin Q

For the parent who loves photography and desperately needs a new phone from LG helps photos come alive with features that let you animate parts of your photo, preview the lens on three rear cameras — telephoto zoom, standard, and super wide — and integrate AI and Google Lens. Instead of paying it all up front, you and your siblings can opt for a financing plan where you pay $20.42/month for 24 months.


Nest Learning Thermostat

Here's a way to help your parents save money, and get the perfect temperature in their home. The Nest Learning Thermostat saves energy by figuring out what temperature they like and builds a schedule around them. Temperature can also be controlled through the Nest app and turns itself down to save energy when they leave.

There you have it — seven holiday gifts you can split with your siblings. Now if only you could split everyone else's gift with someone...